Forex should not be foreign to you

It's the biggest market in the world and is traded 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, and therefore one that is impossible to ignore. I'm speaking, of course, about the forex market.

The question is, is this the tail that's wagging the dog? Meaning, is the forex market, mainly the euro, dictating the trend in American and European equity markets.

The answer is yes, for the moment it is. Now, if you're not familiar with the forex markets and the euro, you should look at the ETF FXE, the spot euro, and also the euro futures market at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), as they are all tradable.

In today's short video we show you exactly how we think this currency will play out in the future.

As always, our videos are free to watch and there is no need for registration. Please comment on your thoughts on this market on our blog.

Thank you,

Adam Hewison
President, INO com
Co-Founder of MarketClub

14 thoughts on “Forex should not be foreign to you

  1. Hi Shawn: what is Trading Range and direction neutral options strategies? Can I find them on marketclub? I'm new to MC and would like to know how to day trade the forex markets profitably. Any help is surely appreciated 🙂


  2. Dear Adam / Thomas Shawn:

    Please enlighten me on what is Trading Range and how to use direction neutral option strategies in Forex. I've just got Marketclub couple of days back and it's an amazing tool. I'm interested in forex Day Trading and would like to know how best the wonder info., on Market club can help me.


  3. Adam -
    Thanks for the insightful video and blog post. If you notice many of the major markets are now mixed signals with month, week and day triangle not in alignment. Being new to MarketClub I was kinda confused about what to do until occurred to me: TRADING RANGE .... use direction neutral options strategies.

    On Forex not all brokers are the same .. that right, just stick with the big ones. Watch, also for the dead zones based on your time zones. Three cities you want to watch: London, New York and Tokyo ..know when the open and close.

    Forex is great for people with day jobs ... you can come home , eat dinner, play with the kids and put them to bed ... and still get several hours of market action in.

  4. Dear Adam,

    You have mentioned that the markets trade 6 days a weeek. Up to this point I've not been able to find a brokers platform that runs on Saturday for a partial day. I beleive on Securties Houses and Central Banks only trade on Saturdays.

    Any info. will be helpful.

    1. Wayne,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Saturdays is usually a pass day for forex. The markets normally get active late Sunday evening EST.

      All the best,


  5. Adam,

    I notice a real difference in spreads on forex sites. Are there other things to consider when choosing which one to use? i.e. Is it a case of you get what you pay for? Any recommendations?


    1. DG Dye,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      It occurs to me that you really need to look at reliable and large companies if you're going to trade in the Forex markets.

      I cannot recommend a particular broker over another one as that is not what we do on this site. What I can say is just Google a particular site that you have interest in and see if there have been a lot of complaints or complements on how they do business.

      The narrower the spread the better off I think you'll be.

      All the best,

  6. the Big Boys know how to manipulate the market
    using the Euro & Dollar, so THEY are always making money
    but eventually the chickens will come home to roost --
    and I'm expecting a double-dip recession
    so during this choppy phase, the manipulators stop me out
    often, but eventually, my shorts will pay off.

  7. Hi Mr Hewison , I have reviewed most of your site and I have not been able to find anything that you have published,I trade the forex market and I wanted to see if you had any advice on open positions throu the weekend with the gaps that we have had as of late in the forex market with some pairs, thank you Dwight .

    1. Dwight,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I hope you're doing well in the Forex markets. The only book I have ever written was called "Right On The Money, the definitive guide to forecasting foreign exchange rates". It is long out of print however I am going to make this book available free of charge in a series of four e-books in the very near future

      The gaps you mentioned in the marketplace on the weekend ate all part and parcel of trading. Normally the gaps occur in the direction of the major trend.

      All the best,

      1. Adam, Sir.
        I am a newbie trading forex. It purchanced I see this url of yours.
        Indeed I should welcome deeply your kindness to reproduce your booK for FREE.

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