Saturday Success Story - Fabrizio, Italy

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Here's great news from a member...

"As you know I have been a member of MarketClub for some months. I want only to tell you that I am very glad of this nice service and that I employ it particularly for futures and commodities. I find it, especially with the improvements of these last months, very helpful and can really realize the dream of a trader for a full time job. My best wishes for your work and the future." ~ Fabrizio P., Italy

To send your own success story, please email bl**@in*.com. We wish all of our members the best and we look forward to hearing your success story.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Fabrizio, Italy

  1. I've been away for awhile, so I'm wondering what the "improvements of these last months" is referring to?

    1. Todd,

      We have an excellent portfolio manager coming out very soon now. It's taken longer than we had expected. I think you're going to like the power of this new portfolio manager.

      All the best,

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