Is the euro on shaky ground?

In this short video we take an in-depth look at the euro and its relationship to the US dollar. The recent sharp rally in the euro, up from the 1.19 level, may be coming to an end.

We look at several indicators that are close to confirming that this market may be set to head lower.

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3 thoughts on “Is the euro on shaky ground?

  1. Finally boiled down how I want to trade and have been using Market Club Weekly and daily trade triangle to trade forex. Have had 1 modest loser, 1 fine winner and a short on USD/JPY that's a real gang buster still in it.

    I bailed on the EURO/USD long before any sort of red daily came up but I opted to just take profits. Gotta work on letting the triangles do the work, not cutting winners short but just allow myself to take a pass on some trades.

  2. For the last several videos I have been only able to receive about the first 45 seconds of Adams videos at which point the recording stops. Anyone have any ideas? It happens at my work and my home computer and they have different ISP's.

    1. Hi Simon,

      It may be a buffering issue. Try starting the video, but then press pause and wait a few minutes for it to load, then press play again. This should help play the video all the way through without stopping.


      Susan Jackson
      Director of External Marketing and MarketClub

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