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  1. Yw Biglack... ecu trades US as well is the same....
    "$30 silver by november 18th". James Turk of GATA
    For all You tinfoil hat fans....

  2. Andre, Many thanks for your time and interest in my problems. I really appreciate your input. I have done a few spreads but seem to be cut short by running into the margin requirements. I agree completely that I have no room for lossesand so far have been spending many hours in research and planning and am in 3 or 4 option positions all with stops which I adjust regularly. I keep moving the stops pretty agressively when I am gaining to protect profits. Sometimes I do get whipsawed out of a good position but I think I need to be overly proctive on the downside. Thanks for the mention on AZO that wasn't on my radar yet. Help me with one point. On BIDU and AZO I tried a lot of call put combinations but could not come up with any that seemed to project a reasonable profit that did not exceed my margin requirements. Any specific suggestions? I like the idea but couldn't get one done today. Thanks again for your help. I will look further into futures. Any suggestions on basic education on futures or eminis?

  3. Cabal, Thanks for you input. I will definitely look into it. Is there any difference in buying ECU on the Tronto exchange or the ECUXF on the US OTC? The prices seem to be the same.

  4. Buy now JOHN This is what Your waiting for. Silver down 2.5% gold down 1.5%.... what a bargin!
    How much longer do You think the FED can keep this sherade up? Matter of hours iMho....
    Your watching the GOLD CARTEL's waterloo!!!! Scaling down for a sure winner here......

  5. dnt take buy positions in gold. Speculaters heavy in gold. Its only bubble. Its my request dnt trade blindly. I see a huge free fall after fed. So be careful.

  6. Never gamble. Buy only the top-graded stocks. When they go up, sell them. If they don't go up, don't buy them.
    ----Will Rogers

  7. BigJack:

    Sorry you are in this situation but I believe you have to get away from thinking "capital gains" or "big score" with stocks or options. You need to be thinking cash flow and steady cash flow in order to be able to build it into the resource or pool that you need.The only way I can envision coming close to what you need is by selling options but it will still take time to build a sizable stake. Based on my experience you need to turn $1000-$2000 into $20,000-$25,000 in order to be able to skim $4000-$5000 off a month. It is do-able but the assumption is that you have enough experience that one bad trade won't blow up the apple cart. I know several people who have done what you need to do but none of them has done it by being long only or by making one great trade. They've all done it by selling options exclusively or in conjunction with a small long or short position. Focus on credit or debit spreads for now. and take any gain you get and be greedy. You should be able to double your thousand in the initial month and by month 6 or 7 have $20,000-$36,000. Your first couple of trade you are only looking to get $100-$200 a trade. When you get that, bank it. That is how you will double your first thousand. If you lose even $100 on your first trade it will put you behind the 8 ball. The kind of trade I am envisioning is buying a call on Baidu or Autozone (highly rated) and selling a put. The first month if you are lucky you might make $200 on the call and $200 on the put. If that's the case get out and look for another trade. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it is possible if you sell options. Impossible any other way. Also, if you know how to sell options on futures, the premiums are higher even on way out of the money strikes. That's a possibility but many brokers won't let you get in for $1000. Hope this helps. Watch the volatility.

  8. Biglack I sugest You buy ecu silver, trades on the toronto xcha nge.... it wiill be
    Known as the biggest silver mine in the world and is already producing
    In mexico's valdarena(mispelled) district.... proven silver equivalent ounces already
    I the hundreds of millions infered right now getting close to a billion... wonlt be
    Long and silver is going to take off like a rocket and slingshot the miners into
    Outer space... not going to pay Your 4k income a mnth though but others might
    Want to look into it... sorry bout Your luck ... but at least You know who to blame....
    Down with the FED!!

  9. Watch the USDX around Tuesday's elections and Wednesday's QE2 announcement from the Fed. Any bets on what will happen to the dollar? Precious metals are about the only safe haven for store of value.

    Patrick suggested $1450 gold by Christmas. I suspect that's a little low. I'm guessing $1500 and $30 silver. The QE2 announcement may open up the sky.

  10. I.was around in the 1970's and yes there indeed was euphoria John but We
    Are now where even close to even 1 1000lth of that yet! By dec '79 close to 20 %
    Of all the FIAT in the world had exposure to pm either in physical! or shares of
    Mining companies... today for example less than 1/10 of 1% has exposure to silver
    And yet 30 yrs ago there was no etf and fancy criminal derivative market instruments!

    Euphoria will come at some point once the public wakes up out of Their FIAT MIND
    CONTROLLED. Dream and You will recognize it cause half the 7/11's will be converted
    Into. Bulllion houses and each will have 2 long lines out their doors, one selling and ano
    Another buying before metal goes up another 20% tommorow....

    Buy physical silver now... looking for 30$ by near end of november, if not then will be
    Within weeks after....

  11. Blogers I need your advice. I am 75 and recently lost everything plus 6 figures borrowed from friends and associates in the real estate collapse. I won't go the bankruptcy route and have income enought for house insurance and essentials. I have $1,000 in and etrade account and a decent background in puts, calls, spreads, straddles and strangles. I am making 6 to 8% per week but that won't do it.I must build what I have into $4,000 per month. Other than, it can't be done, what would you try to do??? I would appreciate any and all advice.

  12. your alert ok. however be careful, gold will not overcome 1400. mid to longer term the price will go sideways or lower. one friend took the longterm chart and compared todays euphoria with the euphoria in late seventhies ...

  13. Thanks to this bad alerts, I can now short gold. If your past performance is any indication of future performance, I am going to make alot of money trading the opposite of what these short term triangles say !

  14. As I've said many times, the volatility in gold is going to make it virtually impossible to trade on TA. This is not a knock on MC, just a reality. Better to respond to price. If you bought on price weakness, you could have picked up gold at $1315 on the last pull pack (assuming you had your orders in the market and you got filled).


    GOLD IS FLYING AGAIN, UP, UP & AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I never trade Gold, I washed it out of Fraser River , When it was $35 Per Oz.Got $27, per oz for Malgum , Mixture of fine gold & retorted Mercury.its a useless Metal.

  17. By the time I got the e-mail notice, it closed the day at $1,359.90. Took out a minor resistance level.

  18. If your quick in the current spot gold markets you can do well, but it would take all your time. If the Vol stays down it would be managable. But than I called Cotton Last year, King of the comms until this year.

  19. Thanks Adam for the heads up re gold.
    Since joing Market Club recently, my trading has
    improved tremendously. Love the trade triangles!

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