Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 3

As you learned in the first Whiteboard lesson, the market will go up, down, or sideways. It’s possible to profit in any trend, but only if you know how.

Join Adam as he shows you how to pick out a trend, trade that trend, and what indicators can help you along the way.

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4 thoughts on “Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 3

  1. couldn't find a spot to ask this question, so, placing here. Don't understand the posting on the global portfolio:
    ETF: iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund
    Position: (LONG) (SHORT) (SIDELINES)
    Date: ( 9/03/10 )
    Price: ( 71.75 )
    Weekly Trade Triangle exit point ( 71.550 ) good til close of trading:( 10/15/10 )
    Weekly Trade Triangle entry point ( NA ) good til close of trading:( NA )
    Monthly Trade Triangle entry and reversal ( 60.88 ) good til close of trading:( 10/29/10 )

    Why is the weekly trade triangle an exit point at 71.55 when the last weekly triangle was GREEN?
    Where does the price of 71.75 from when current price is over 79
    What does monthly trade triangle entry and reversal mean??

    1. Jim,

      The price of 71.550 is the Trade Triangle exit point as dictated by our system. We are currently Long this position and looking for an exit point when the Trade Triangles will signal to exit the Trade.

      This price has been updated to reflect the entry point of 9/13/10 @ 72.370 that we went long this market on a monthly Triangle.

      Monthly trade triangle entry and reversal mean that this is the point where our Triangle's will signal a reversal from a Long position to a Short position for the overall trend.


      Jeremy Lutz
      Head of Technical Support
      MarketClub and

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