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12/6: Do you think that Google will be its own demise? As they are continually reinventing themselves and their brand some people feel like it is a bit much. Do we need constant "did you mean?" feedback from the search giant? Do we want Google to know what we mean? Request analysis of GOOG.

12/6: Do you think that Bank of America is out of the woods? They have raised their capital, met the conditions of the TARP program and now they are supposed to be moving forward without having to issue more stocks. In 2009 their repayment of government funds yielded a profit on the taxpayers investment - so...is the bail out of BOA a success? Request free analysis of BOA.

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16 thoughts on “What's happening over on Facebook? Do you "Like" us?

  1. Facebook is a pain, and there are privacy issues. Go there if you want, but I never will. Plus... the format is awful.

  2. facebook Does get into your e-mail files,,,reads them ,,,then sends out mail under your name to your friends --WITHOUT you knowing it ........

    they have also been sued for "accidently " releasing members confidential info---to ,,of all people ,, advertiseres !!!!!!!

  3. Facebook periodically has "unexpected" breaches of user confidentiality which do not give me confidence that I should use it al all, ever. It is very convenient and people and commercial outfits like MarketClub regularly encourage me to join up. Some people like to distribute information and photos to a group. So convenient.

    But Facebook really wants a lot of information that is confidential just to join up. If they can't keep it confidential, then they are one risk I will not take.

    Keep the emails and blogs coming. And thanks for that.

  4. I don't see any problems. I can try, then, if I don't like it, we can always quit.

    good idea though.


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  6. I'm also on Facebook but I'm busy enough just keeping track of my e-mails which I prefer sticking with.
    Thanks Bob

  7. Hi Dave,

    We understand that some of the social marketing avenues are not for everyone, but there are those who enjoy those platforms. Not to worry though, we will not be getting rid of our blog or email notifications!

    Have a great day,

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