Gold Alert!

Short-term traders exit a short position on a Green Daily “Trade Triangle” @ $1,378.52 today taking a loss of $16.02 per oz.

Intermediate traders remain in a sidelines position

Long-term traders hold long positions

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38 thoughts on “Gold Alert!

  1. "To the people who use this in conjunction with their own system – you don’t mix and match systems. That’s for people trying to find holy grail. You either stick to these triangles or just your own analysis."

    I do my own analysis.. Part of which is taking into account the triangles.

    I certainly dont make trades because an email tells me to.. And anyone who does isnt a 'trader'..

  2. Dear FCX,


    I've been trading since I was 13 and I'm now 51, so I really don't think you have the right to tell me how I can trade, or whether I can mix or match. Especially since I AM Successful. Just cleared $5,000+ this morning on a nice swing trade using both my analysis and the triangles.

  3. To the people who use this in conjunction with their own system - you don't mix and match systems. That's for people trying to find holy grail. You either stick to these triangles or just your own analysis.

    Gold is back down again - really if you just trade opposite to the short term alerts the past 9 times, you would've won 7 times.

  4. I Think Something interesting Has happened today 13Jan11 ,Gold has made a 50% Fibonacci retracement from Jan 2011 High, I will be watching that closely,Good Luck to every one.

  5. "I use Adam’s charts to help with my own technical analysis and vice versa."

    Exactly... I am a recent subscriber, and theres no way in hell I would slavishly follow an email alert to buy or sell.. However using the trade triangles to either validate my own assessment, or when its not agreeing with me, add balance and caution to my trading. well on that perspective they have been valuable.

    I didnt sell my short term trades on the sell triangle, but I was more protective of gains than I previously might have been. Which has value in itself. Its merely an additional data point, one which I am coming to value.

  6. To be quite honest with you i dont believe in these triangles, its very clear to see that gold is currently consolodating, with SOME bullish strength, so why enter. And Adam you seem to be an experienced trader,, you should kno best that this market is sideways, why even post anymore alerts if you know this? or maybe you dont know this....??????

    "When the market is bullish, HIT THE BID.... When the market is bearish, HIT THE OFFER.... If its sideways, stay on the sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It is the nature of the beast. If you trade gold, you will have to endure some pain occasionally.

    Especially on the daily. I have found MC to be an excellent charting guidepost.

  8. It's only confusing if you don't learn the system. Most of you guys should just be following the monthly and weekly triangles. I use Adam's charts to help with my own technical analysis and vice versa. The use of the two helps me pinpoint trades even more accurated than just one or the other, "although" I could use either successfully by itself. Over my years of trading, yes even decades, I've come to understand there is no silver bullet, AND that there is a learning curve to trading in which you "will" pay your tuition. 🙂 I've been through hundreds of services, and Adam's is one of the best if you learn how to use it. There is a difference between his monthly, weekly and daily trade signal recommendations. Many of you are confusing the three and jumping in and out. But Adam clearly states that short term traders are out while intermediate and long terms are still in (or whatever the call is). It seems from some of these comments that the inexperienced people who are still or "should still be" learning are the ones complaining they don't like the system or are sounding like the inexperienced traders that they are, while those of us who have "more advanced degrees in the school of hard knocks"' just sit back and grin because we've been there ourselves.

    Needless to say, I never give much thought to those who chatter in broken english because they think it makes them look cool... "Well". I suspect your tuition will come due soon enough.

  9. This is just about the most confusing newsletter service that I have had for a while.

    So, thank you but no thank you... In the real world of trading you never sell lower and buy higher... which is what you seem to do consistently..

    Proposal: The more it goes down, the more you buy; the more it goes up, the more you sell which keeping a core position that you never touch. It's as simple as that.


  10. Adam

    I am a member and follow your teachings with good success and would like to thank you and your staff for your hard work and commitment. Thanks again and all the best

  11. Adam,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Could you clarify, I have my GLD set to the stop of 133.10 that you have on the Perfect R Portfolio page, and that stop was not hit.
    Furthermore, that page says you are still long GLD. Why do you say the intermediate traders are on the sidelines when that page says you are long?


    1. David,

      Spot gold and the ETF GLD which closely tracks gold, are in fact two different markets. I recommend that you leave your stops as we suggest for GLD.

      All the best,

  12. Adam...

    You have a nice message board here and you try to help. It's a damn shame when you get these snot nosed punks that criticize you for a series of "whipsaws." FIRST LEARN PEOPLE... and then when you're a professional like I am, who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars trading plain vanilla -mutual funds- over decades, THEN come back and criticize. Adam's approach is spot on and correct in all respects. And no, I do not know Adam from Adam, I have never met him, nor do I subscribe to any of his services.

    Anyone who has ever seen the results of professional trading software (aka black box trading) knows there are OFTEN MORE LOSSES THAN WINS. YES... THAT IS CORRECT, MORE LOSING TRADES THAN WINNING TRADES. IT IS ACTUALLY THE NORM. What the secret is, like any pro would tell you, is that the AVERAGE LOSS is --SMALLER-- THAN THE AVERAGE GAIN over hundreds of trades.

    Now if you're smart enough to actually remember what I just taught you in the last couple of sentences, you may actually make some -real money.-

    1. Steven,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      You are correct our mission is to help traders become even better traders using out market proven approach.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence.

      All the best to you in 2011.


  13. Adam,
    You are confusing me. You say, "We did have a weekly green trade triangle which indicated that the intermediate term trend was down for gold." Do you mean a "red triangle?"

    And if the intermediate strategy is on a sell, why does your Perfect Portfolio page indicate you are still long GLD?


    1. David,

      Yep, that was my mistake. I meant to write red but put in green instead.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

      All the best,

  14. I think well doesn't understand the system, nor can he write intelligently. There are different trade triangles for different strategies. I think well and others are confusing a daily triangle with a monthly and weekly. If well would pay attention then he would just use the monthly triangles as those would probably give the signals more closely aligned with his own strategy.

  15. i find the alerts useful. i just exited my short position and made 4.6% profit after costs for 5 days in the trade on an NCM mini on the ASX. not a huge profit but better than nothing. you gotta make your own calls and take responsibility for your own decisions.

  16. Adam...I really do sympathise that you get these irrational rants...traders have to take their licks if the market rolls over them...that's what trading is about. If it was easy then everybody could do it..

  17. You wrote:
    "Yes, you are correct we did have a weekly green trade triangle which indicated that the intermediate term trend was down for gold." - Something does not fit in this statement? Should it be the other way round? Green is to the upside, is it not?
    Thank you

    1. MidnightRun,

      OOOPS, my mistake. I should have written red and not green. Thanks for point that out for me.

      All the best.

  18. From Well's comments, I'm assuming that he's not a member, otherwise he'd have only had to look back on spot gold weekly triangles to see much gain would have been made just going long and short on them alone. All looks good to me, I went long at the weekend as the Williams %R turned up as Adam pointed out in his great video as gold spot certainly looks to be in a sideways range between 1350 and 1420. I was long at 1375 so if we get past 1420 we'll be on a green weekly triangle by then and we're away! currently my out stop is at 1360 - defintely a time to keep a close watch on which direction the market wants to go.

    Adam, comments on the blog like these from Well prompts me to ask the question of why don't we know who is a MC member, it's certainly done on many other blogs where members perhaps link to the blog after signing in and is then indicated by say a simple 'm' or similar? Certainly allows people to judge others comments based on what knowledge they have of the MC system, rather than a not fully informed view or an axe to grind at others expense!

    Best wishes, all good stuff as far as i'm concerned.


  19. just to give my condolences to the short holders.They tookaway your gold at the lowest prices and u really believed gold will go down and stay there¡¡¡

  20. Nothing wrong with the trade triangles well-large investors are using them.Shorting something in an uptrend is always painful.

  21. anyway, I did remind yu guys, that's find if yu don't listen. I'm going to bed. see, price is shooting UP!!! That was why I wrote.." pity to those who just sold their stuffs " zzzzz

  22. Or Adam...well..since you are the head...I sugguest you see the USDX pattern between Nov 22 /07 to Feb. 08 ( Daily chart ) and you will see a twins.

  23. no, I don't is going to go parabolic!!! I don't trust computer though. I see chart. By the way, can't u see reversed head 'n shoulder? and in USDX Weekly chart is a megaphone pattern, in monthly one is double tops and in 4 hours chart is head and shoulders..don't you see that?

  24. or yu can't see the reversed head and shoulders??? well..use line chart and check yur 30m, 1and 2,4,6,8 hrs chart then..for god's sake...don't tell me yu are an expert...

  25. wut about now?? don't yu see price??? ain't u gonna send another alert?? it's USDX breaking down instead of Gold price...holly Cow. nobody can hear me...right...anyway, it's your money...up to you.

  26. Please clarify Adam, didn't the gold red weekly triangle trigger at 1362 on friday 7th Jan, thereby indicating a trend change / sidelines stance until the weeklies once again go green?

    1. Jamie,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Yes, you are correct we did have a weekly green trade triangle which indicated that the intermediate term trend was down for gold.

      If you are trading on our intermediate term strategy for Gold using the weekly Triangles for timing you need to wait until we see a green weekly triangle to get long this market again.

      I hope this clarifies advances your question.

      All the best,

  27. just like last Fri., it was bottom and yu told yur investors to sell....i tis a perfer reversed head 'n shoulders pattern and ready to shoot up!!! How could you guys do something like this to your investors!!! Isn't it the biggest SIN??? and you get paid by doing this????

  28. in 'n out....just don't see chart and get out!!!...well...yu guys are doomed to lose BIG TIME!!! If your alert is right then...everybody will make big money already. those who do listen 'n just sold their stuffs.

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