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We have posted this video a couple times on the Trader's Blog and the reason we keep posting it periodically is because of the positive response we get each time.

We invite you to have a look at this extremely educational video that may be dated, but provides timeless trading knowledge.


Many investors attempt to incorporate candlestick charting into their trading plans, however few know why this tool has become so popular.

In this complimentary video, "Advanced Applications of Candlestick Charting," authors, software programmers, and co-founders of the International Pacific Trading Company, Gary Wagner & Brad Matheny will walk you through:

-History of candlestick charting
-How to interpret candlesticks
-How to merge Eastern & Western technical analysis together
-How to merge candlestick charts with your current trading plan
-And more...

You'll watch and listen as Wagner explains the importance of using this strategy. He says, in part, "Candlestick patterns are a mathematical formula which illustrate the psychological market sentiment. In other words, as a market reverses, or a market is moving in an up-trend, there are certain traits that can be distilled in terms of mathematical formulas that will reveal some very important information."

This 100 minute complimentary video can be found on Trend TV. You don't have to worry about watching the whole video at once. After you have a password, you can revisit anytime to watch the rest of a video, review a video, or watch other videos on Trend TV.


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3 thoughts on “Classic video, every day knowledge

  1. I watched these videos, but because the screens for these videos are so tiny, I almost could not follow them. Please allow these videos be full screen. Thanks!!!

  2. I have watched this video before. It is an old video full of rich information. After watching it I had the chance of talking with Wagner a few times. He is a very nice guy besides being a professional of candlestick patterns.

    Enjoy it !

  3. I have seen so many web presentation,so far I like to thanks to mr GARY WAGNER and mr BRAD MATHENY.I know Gary have lots of friend and well wisher arround the glob.I just like to talk with Gary, he is some thing special for me,I can explain that.His presentation is excelant.

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