Good news, it's the end of "Silly Season!"

Good news, it's the end of "Silly Season!"

On the 10th of December we blogged that "Silly Season" was about to begin. This is the time of year when the markets can get a little weird and do all sorts of things that perhaps they wouldn't do in more normal times.

Liquidity is the lifeblood of the markets and without liquidity markets can be pushed around by just a few small orders that ordinarily would not make a blip on the radar screen.

The good news is that this period is over and we can expect to see more volume, more investors/traders participating in the markets, and generally a more normal marketplace.

With that being said it's time to get serious and get down to work. At MarketClub we have a number of new innovations that we will be sharing with you throughout the year. We are planning on making more improvements to the MarketClub website as well as more educational information that you use in your own trading. Plus, a big surprise we have planned for you!

So here's to your best year ever!

All the best,
Adam Hewison
President of
Co-founder of MarketClub

16 thoughts on “Good news, it's the end of "Silly Season!"

  1. From what I've read, the improvement most people would want would be not getting emails about a change in the triangles for gold so late. Some people have complained that the emails are arriving after the price of gold has moved almost $10. That's ridiculous! I'm not sure if there's this kind of lag in other markets (I would assume so) but hearing about it disturbs me and is what prevents me from becoming a MarketClub member. Looks like a good service otherwise.

  2. Yeh, can't wait for surprise!. But I forgot, I have holding on my breath since last year, still waiting (for real time) marketclub's coming improvement at that time. I think you should do first thing first. Oh, but now I am breathing for a now. And I will believe this new surprise once I actually see it.
    Looking forward for new updates.

  3. Hi Alan,

    May I suggest an app that works for the iphone and ipad. It would be great if 1) iphone/ipad users could click on a link to see your videos. I have another subscription with another service and they were on it pretty quick, so you're a little behind the times here buddy. 🙂 and 2) it would be nice to be able to access our accounts with an app of some sort or at least have a way to view our portfolio charts with triangles someway for iphone/ipad users. I csn view my portfolio just fine on my mac, but not on my safari browser on my iphone.

    Don't leave us apple guys out in the cold. Especially since the stock has tripled since your monthly green triangle.

    ---Written on my iphone. Life is what you make it.---

    1. Joe,

      Thank for your feedback.

      Don't you just love your iPhone and iPad? I know I do.

      Here is some good news for you, MArketClub is in fact on YOUTUBE we have our own channel which we started pretty recently. Here's the address:

      Thank you for your suggestions. We're working all the time to improve MarketClub. Look for some major improvements to come along very soon.

      All the best,

  4. "After the 15th I close out all of my positions win, lose, or draw, and say thank you very much for another good year. Once I have cleared my trading book I’m free to enjoy the silly season without falling prey to the big M. I let the markets be the markets, because I know they will be there next year and I want to be prepared physically and mentally to take advantage of them."
    This is your quote from December 10th. Going back the last 10 years I checked the averages from December 15th thru the 5th trading day of the new year on the Dow, S&P 500 Nasd and the Russell. I found that the markets were up 7 times 1 push, and 2 small losses. Some of the gains were 3-4% depending on the index. This was during the worst 10 year decade. In the 80's and 90's you rarely lost money in that period. That doesn't take into consideration trading cost to close and reopen positions. Also what happens when your stock you sold goes up in that period and you wait for a pullback to rebuy it and it never comes.
    The bottom line is that the silly season might indeed be manipulated, but fortunatly it is on the upside.
    The only thing silly would be closing your positions.

    1. Jim,

      Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your research and time that you took to look at the equity markets.

      You may not be aware that MarketClub covers many different markets including forex, commodities and precious metals. So when I said the "Silly Season" is upon us it referred to all the markets and not just to the specific markets mentioned in your post.

      No disrespect, but this is how I do it.

      All the best,

  5. Hello, Mr. Adam!
    I think the big surprise is going to be a greatly reduced subscription for one year...maybe just Fifty bucks for the first 12 months..
    This is just my guess as well as wish!!!
    Ha, Ha.....gotch you!!!!

  6. First, Adam, I have enjoyed Marketclub and just renewed.....

    But as I have used I have always thought that some improvements would be:
    - identify trade triangle alerts under "your portfolio alerts" rather than wait for email, or search on charts
    - identify when each position may change triangle direction like you do for the special portfolios (ie., global, retirement, worldcup)
    - set-up multiple alerts using multiple technical indicators- like positive MACD crossover and green weekly triangle and stochastics at certain level....maybe?
    - maybe change the alert type from just a "weeekly red triangle" to "NEW weekly red triangle" or "CONFIRMED red weekly triangle"....since just to send an alert about red triangles does not tell me whether there was already a recent red triangle or it's new and I have to go to the chart, which just takes more time.
    - it seems that I lose profit because the triangles lag the trend a bit as there is a downturn for awhile before a green monthly may turn red (like NEM just turning red after 10-15% decline from recent high). Is there a way to continue improving the timing of triangles?

    All the best...

    1. Jim,

      First let me thank you for renewing your subscription to MarketClub, we appreciate your business.

      We are dedicated to making improvements to MArketClub and your comments have been sent along to our IT department. I think you will see some of your suggestions implemented in the not too distant future.

      Look for some changes to be occurring with the new portfolio manager which we expect to release any day now.

      All the best,

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