Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 6

How many times have you turned on your television or computer to see that Corporation XYZ is expected to make huge profits, but when you look at the chart it is telling you otherwise?

Who is right? How do you determine what to look at when you are preparing to enter a trade? Adam has put together this Trader’s Whiteboard video to explain the differences in information and to help you wade through the “noise”.

Click here to watch Lesson 6 in the series and tell us what you think about fundamentals, technicals, and market perception in the comments section.


The MarketClub Team

3 thoughts on “Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 6

  1. Hi, Any chance of being able to view the previous Trading lessons. I missed lessons No. 1,2,3and 4.
    Muchly appreciated.
    Austin Booth

  2. Fundamentals usually refer to items like revenues, P/E, debt, balance sheet info, availability of raw materials, competition, etc. The supply and demand for the stock is what shows up in the technicals. Your point about technicals and timing is well made, however.

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