Red Daily Gold Trade Triangle

Short-term traders enter a short position on a RED Daily “Trade Triangle” @ $1,369.27 today

Intermediate-term traders remain on the sidelines

Long-term traders hold long positions

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23 thoughts on “Red Daily Gold Trade Triangle

  1. Thank you for your advice in Gold trading. The trend is down now, and you knew this before using Triangles. I will use Williams indicator to get the best of it.

    Can you please post alerts based on indices as Dow and maybe some European indices DAx,CAC...(I'm from Europe...)
    Thank you again!

  2. Well,did you short gold. You should have short gold. Look at price $1345. You need to do better research. You not know what you are saying. May be going to $1250 soon.

  3. Adam and the Crew.....I commend you for refraining from commenting on Comments from the likes of
    well" and "Farhaan".....

  4. Gold has traded above its 200-day MA (MA now at ca. $1270) for two straight years now. It´s simply extremely overbought and having a long overdue correction. I believe it´s going to $1200-1250 to test support.

  5. blatic dry index? that is not a reliable indicator due to its high volatility from very minor differences in shipping etc etc. the CRB index is not even all that good and the same can be said of the goldman index. try the RICI for a better world wide broad based index instead. besides, something has got to happen when you print literally trillions of monopoly money and dump it into the system via offshore banks. speculation in commodities comes to mind. gold is real money so there you go!

    btw, gold is used for industrial application too unlike what most people think. for example, all the audio terminals are all gold plated because it does not tarnish and has fantastic conductive properties.

  6. Yes, I am still long on gold even though dips happen over the longer term it will go higher just like oil... india is always buying gold along with the middle eastern countries...

  7. The GDX is outside its donchian channel, with the williams % at oversold.
    I know Adam watches these indicators, so wouldn't you be looking for an entry here on gold stocks?

  8. Gold is not as worthless as the trillions of US dollars now being used to buy up the Treasury notes that foreign customers don't want anymore. A second $2.6 trillion Qualitative Easing is a nice way to say Hyperinflation. However, I have gotten burned once too often on paper gold and silver, I have been taught to prefer the real thing. JPM and friends, who have no real silver, like to drive the prices down on the metal with massive (naked)short selling. Meanwhile, there is a shortage of the metal which is creating a disconnect between paper prices and metal prices. Try to buy any Silver Eagles lately? Gold and silver represent real money, it is the paper money, the fiat currencies that are rapidly and progressively becoming "worthless". Is it the value of commodities going up or a decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar that we are seeing? The latter, I think, and the reverse beauty contest between the fiat currencies is not about to end, either.

  9. Gold is practically useless. The world isn´t gonna end any time soon and there won´t be a Mad Max scenario. Forget all those Wall St. funded doomsayers and 2012 crackpots. The reality is that there is no demand for all those overpriced commodities. The Baltic Dry Index is in tank.

  10. if we measure gold's price at today's low which is $1355 we can see that it has went down roughly 5% from it's peak of $1433 printed last month.I believe that this is a very natural and healthy correction after very quick and sharp price hikes.I believe that the major economic reasons behind gold rally has not been compromised and there is no a change in trend and today's prices should be seen as a buying oppurtunity for those who are out of the market.

  11. I know that the blog posts or "gold alerts" follow the daily TTs, but more significant to me is the red weekly TT we received on GLD this morning, so I have exited my positions. Notably, we also received a red weekly TT in SLV yesterday. The MACD on both these ETFs doesn't look to encouraging. I will be on the sidelines waiting for a re-entry point, and am musing whether DGZ is worth some money right now.

  12. see, I told ya, it was bottom last Fri.but..why yu don't ask yur Intermediate-term traders to buy this second low??? coz, yu don't want them to make too much money or what? just curious...anyway, none of my business.

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