A Stevenson High Update- Sponsored by MarketClub

If you've been following the Traders Blog for a while, you are probably familiar with our sponsor school, Stevenson High in Lincolnshire, Illinois. We were contacted by a passionate teacher who wanted to provide his students with a tool to help them increase their success in their stock market competitions. Here is an update on their student's success with the current competition.

Well here is some good news! Two of my teams are doing quite well. Out of 136 teams one of my teams is currently in 9th place and another is in 11th. Last year we had one place in the top ten and that was 2nd.

Much of the success is that they are following Market Club. It was a chore getting them used to your service but they are relying on it more and more. The competitions ends in a few weeks and I will let you know the final results.

Thanks for all your help.


*Teacher's name removed for privacy*
Adlai E. Stevenson High School
Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069


Keep up the good work Stevenson High Economic's club, and good luck in the finals!


13 thoughts on “A Stevenson High Update- Sponsored by MarketClub

  1. It would be nice if things were so simple. Most comments here seem based on the idea that students want to learn. Of course there are students that want to learn and they are the ones that do. The students most are familiar with are the ones that don't want to learn. Don't want to make an effort. Don't expect to get ahead. Don't even expect to go on to college. They would probably laugh at the idea of a class in trading. There is a real problem in schools located in the inner cities. I don't know the answer, but my guess is that the answer is not going to be found in the schools. It is a cultural problem that just keeps getting worse.

  2. I guess we will never hear about this club when things go bad, as they always do speculating in futures. Call it whatever makes you happy, a gamble is always a gamble.

  3. Rick,
    Great comment, we are not our parents or our teachers. The best thing I ever did was choose to be better. After all, we can choose bitter or better- it's that easy:)I take action now to get more so I can give more, be more so i can offer more and learn more so I can teach, persoanl mastery!!!

  4. yeah, should be more financial education in high schools,before you need to work it out for yourself in the real world. Great sponsorship Adam, can we have this in Australia, sponsorship that is ! Please.
    Regards Colin Australia.

  5. I love to read about Stevenson and their success using Market Club. I lived in that area and my son went to Stevenson High. He graduated and over time became a wealth manager for a large firm and also became my weatlh manager as well. I use Market Club as one of the tools in my bag of tricks and it's a great tool.

  6. I agree Harleyjon, I'm 55 and regardless of what the market is the knowledge Allen and MC has taught me through all of the products he offers has allowed me tackle some very very difficult market conditions and come out ahead of most. Yes if I would have had a mentor like the teachers a this school and Allen -people that sincerely have the kids future at interest I would be so much better off now and so would my kids. I like to see someone push this high school investment shop class on YOU TUBE or any other high exposure site so more kids have exposure to the wealth of knowledge and well...potential wealth.. that MarketClub offers. I will have my son deeply involved in Marketclub and options/stock investments. It wasnt hard to convince him, Allen, after I showed him your recommendations from Saturday's afternoon market update on SILVER and GOLD and showed him today the investment I made because of your valuable information. I'm up 50% in 3 days!!! He may not understand the mechanics of OPTIONS yet but he now has seen the results of the knowledge and he wants in!
    Thanks for being there for both of us Allen!

  7. I don't think it is unfortunate that the market has been choppy. If these kids really want to learn the market, they need to experience the not so good along with the good. If they learned in a nice uptrend they might just get to thinking that it will always be so. In this market they are probably learning the importance of money management, which is the most important thing of all anyway. I congratulate the educator for getting the kids involved and wish them all well.

  8. Would that as a youngster i had been intoduced to "trading" and shown the benefits of knowledge in this fantastic game of calculated risk. I would be much better off today had i been instructed and tested but it is never too late.

  9. Unfortunately for them, this market has not been in a clear trend either up or down and so a lot of false signals and headfakes are taking place. I suppose it's all relative though as their competitors are getting hammered by the same things without the benefit of market club.

  10. That is encouraging. Too many schools teach nothing practical towards surviving and actually thriving out in the real world. Teens should know how to balance a checkbook, how to invest, understand the power of compound interest, how to look for a job/career AND plan/start a business, how to cook for themselves, first-aid, etc. True essentials for thriving rather than barely surviving. I'm so glad to find out about the MarketClub / Stevenson HS relationship. May God bless your efforts!

  11. IF more of us had been educated (at least to the extend of some basic exposure) to the markets, we'd all be a lot smarter today. Congrats to the school and the teacher.

  12. Its great to see the kids involved in the markets at a young age.I came late to the party 43 now im 44 just catching up.Market club is a great place to do it.Do the students listen to Adams daily updates? If not they should informative and helpful.Good luck in your trading

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