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In Adam's absence, we have been focusing our MarketClub TV broadcasts around educating you about MarkteClub and your trading strategies within. First, Susan showed you the ins and outs of successfully navigating your Portfolio. Then she showed you everything you needed to know about MarketClub and it's tools. Now see one of our members use it first hand! Manisha S. was kind enough to record her MarketClub trading experiences about a year ago with us, and we thought it would be the perfect ending to this educational series.

Manisha is a stock and stock options trader from California. Watch her money-making strategy and how she devised it by way of old fashioned trial and error, using the tools available through the MarketClub. You don't want to miss this valuable recap.

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-The MarketClub Team

2 thoughts on “MarketClub TV-Member Strategy

  1. Better yet...interview Manisha again. I would venture to guess that in a year's time, she has discovered new ideas to benefit using the MarketClub system. I believe it is an evolving process. I would be on the front row for a new update on Manisha. Her's is a fascinating story.

  2. I'm sorry, Jennifer, but my opinion remains the same. During Adam's vacation MarketClub is Too Quiet! It's more like Everybody is on vacation. Review is good, but quickly is boring. I was privileged to hear Manisha, when I was not a paying customer. I might listen to her again, however, her trading style is a bit stilted. Works for her, and probably many others, but is not for me. I liked her presentation because she also trades options.

    I still maintain that Someone needs to step to the plate during times like this. It's just like network TV- reruns will get you only so far, before MarketClub loses audience.

    Nelson Edward Montz
    Moscow, Idaho

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