Are You Bullish or Bearish the EURO vs the U.S. Dollar. Your input is needed

What do you think is going to happen to the EURO vs the U.S. Dollar in the next month? Today on our 1 pm update we will be looking into the trend of the EURO and point out some very interesting traits about the Forex markets.

Please feel free to vote and add your comments.

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23 thoughts on “Are You Bullish or Bearish the EURO vs the U.S. Dollar. Your input is needed

  1. If the majority think the Euro will decline against the dollar (which I voted for), then the Euro will probably appreciate against the dollar! Market sentiment at such extremes (69% bearish) are usually wrong.

    1. James,

      In most cases I would agree with you on this subject. However, in the currency market unlike other markets the traders a betting against the politicians and they usually win. Trends in the currency markers tend to persist longer than expected even though the majority may be. One way in the market.

      All the best,

  2. Short term the Euro is oversold and could bounce a little. Longer term the Euro is in a liquidating market and is headed lower. If our fearless leaders in Washington don't wake up soon, our dollar will eventually tank also.

    1. Kris,

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  3. Short term lower, but it matters little, as the currency and investment of choice is GOLD.
    Your triangles do not currently support this, but i believe you have falling prey to some "chart painting" in Gold and Silver.
    Very dangerous to be short either metal at this stage.
    Time will tell.

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  5. Technically there are a strong and healthy bearish trend. Consolidations and corrections on the historical supports may be possible. When 1.26 will be broken, we can wait to end this month looking for 1.23 levels. What a great downsurf (I´m selled from 1.43) Nice trades for everyone 😉

  6. No meaningful fundamental improvements have been made to bolster the debt crises. The Euro will probably dip below the previous October lows and maybe by the end of the year approach parity with the dollar. says:

    Short term consolidation, but bearish on the Euro.

  7. As you may know, 2012 is the year of the elections in France and the United States. Therefore and by Hooks or by Crooks the French President, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy will never accept to keep the Euro as weak as certain people want it to be. This could be fatal for his re-election. On the other hand a weak Euro will hurt dramatically the resurrection of the American economy. This is neither the good time for Mr. Obama to accept the challenge to see the American export pace vanish. This also could be fatal for his re-election. So what to do? Keep his money at home and avoid any bad surprise.

  8. From whati have read in the newsletters that i subscribe to,many are telling that the euro will break up.Being a novice to investing,i dont have much to comment.Most probably some countres will leave the euro and switch back to their former currencies.

  9. The EURO currency should be treated the same as traders feel about the financial stocks of the EURO. Until the outlook of the financials turn around I wouldn't look for an emprovement in the EURO currency.

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