Poll: 5 days and counting

On March 1st (Friday) Sequestration is set to start and I wonder if our government is doing everything they can to avoid it. What do you think?

Do you think the president and lawmakers are doing enough to avoid the sequester?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: 5 days and counting

  1. "[all] exits will result in a form of political suicide"


    Every government program has a Lobby. Therefore, no government program will ever get cut. Therefore government grows until it ultimately collapses from its own weight and complexity.

    We are in the end game now. You are witnessing the collapse.

    The big question is, will the collapse take 5 years or 5 decades? The answer is Yes.

  2. All good comments.
    I believe we are entering into a demographic crunch and all safe exits will result in a form of political suicide.

  3. No doubt congress will find a way to play kick the can as a way out of the situation lord knows that we couldn't live another minute with out running up the debt a little more

  4. The Soviet Union and Europe have proven that if government gets too fat it sucks the private sector dry and the economy implodes. Any cuts to the government sector are good in the long run. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Governments, of course, do not like cuts so it takes a while to have the scoundrels in DC to do the right thing. Sometimes, like in the Soviet Union, they wait too long and the economy does it for/to them.

  5. You left out choice D:

    That this is pure political fiction, and pure political theater, and is simply one more cycle of:

    Step 1: Government creates a problem.
    Step 2: Government "solves" a problem.
    Step 3: Spending goes up, government gets bigger, freedom goes down.
    Step 4: Rinse and repeat.

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