How a Fibonacci Cluster Showed an Important Resistance Level in Gold

Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy shares techniques that helped spot a trading opportunity.

By Elliott Wave International

If you use Elliott in your technical analysis, you may already use Fibonacci ratios to determine targets and retracement levels in your charts.

But have you heard of "Fibonacci Clusters?"

Elliott Wave Junctures editor Jeffrey Kennedy shares
his charts to illustrate this technique, which he recently
used to identify a critical turning point in Gold. The following
lesson is adapted from his March 26 video. Get more lessons
from Jeffrey in the free report, 6 Lessons to Help
You Spot Trading Opportunities in Any Market

Performing multiple Fibonacci calculations of a price move often yields concentrations of Fibonacci levels, which act as barriers to price moves.

How do you create a Fibonacci Cluster of support or resistance?

In the following chart, you can see how to draw a line from the most recent swing high to the relevant low and then connect previous higher highs to the same pivotal low. In the rectangular box, notice where the advance in GCA reversed from a cluster:

Kennedy covers other examples to explain how slingshots, reverse divergence and positive/negative reversals highlight the same momentum signature:

A bullish slingshot forms when prices make higher lows while underlying momentum surpasses previous extremes. Conversely, a bearish slingshot occurs when prices make lower highs while momentum exceeds prior readings.

In subsequent days, Gold prices fell to below $1550.

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    1. Actually it's because "Elliott" is well known as very unreliable at best, posing as real technical analysis. Stick with simple chart patterns and volume, manage your positions, you'll do vastly better.

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