Today's dramatic drop in gold came as no surprise

If you've been watching my videos, today's dramatic drop was no surprise. On June 12th, I made a rather prophetic blog posting, "The Next $100 Move In Gold". I published a video indicating that the next major move in gold would be to the downside. Not only did the Trade Triangles indicate lower gold prices were ahead, I also gave downside predictions. These predictions and target zones are all spelled out in this must watch 8 day old video!

The video runs just under 4 minutes and contains a lifetime of trading education.

You can watch the video here

Enjoy the video, and every success.

Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

7 thoughts on “Today's dramatic drop in gold came as no surprise

  1. I have this nagging question unanswered. EURO is in trouble, China's manufacturing output is down, has a cash crunch and Japan is having problems. They say we are in Recovery. Then who is America doing business with??? ET???

    1. Dear Chiri,

      Many other similar questions are Un-answered, and i think, no one so called economist or expert or even any government officials of finance ministry - head of Central Banks......none is in a position to describe this, as either they don't know, or can judge anything about real picture, or they knows or have already judged everything about real situation.

  2. Yes, it has really no matter of surprise, as big drop of 20th June 2013 was quite expected and predictable, actually, I have warned all traders for many times, since September 2012 just from this INO Platform about the weakness of Gold Trend, and also given lower targets of $ 1400 and $ 1200 but optimism was so strong that nobody wants to hear anything about Gold Collapse. However, some "Born-Bulls" were not ready to accept this probability, and some of them is still in hope to find bull face again.

    bounce back from $ 1320 to $ 1470 - 1480 in between mid April to May was just a technical move, and after furnishing such correction face, another major $ 90+++ fall was quite sure to be taken place.

    Market is moving at its own movement um, we just cant expect or wish anything else. After giving some correction points, down trend will be continued again.

    With a view to chart, and considering technical study, BULL RUN JUST ENDED AND NO MORE HOPE AT LIST FOR NEAR FUTURE.


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        1. You have not clear time frame, and type of trade, so when you are asking for gold buy, but for which time frame? short term or long term? and for which purpose? trade or investing?

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