Poll: Would you watch a cable news channel by Al Jazeera?

What do you think when you hear the name Al Jazeera? Well, it is a reality Al Jazeera is starting a broadcast news cable channel in the United States all thanks to Al Gore.

Personally, I seem to link the name Al Jazeera with the Muslim brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and a part of the world removed from America. AT&T is being taken to court by Al Jazeera, as they are refusing to carry the Al Jazeera broadcast signal.

Al Jazeera was made possible by Al Gore, who sold them his money-losing cable company for half a billion dollars. This sale, along with some other investments made by Mr. Gore, have given him a bigger net worth than Mitt Romney. By selling his failing cable company to Al Jazeera, as apparently nobody else would buy it, it gave Al Jazeera access to 90 million homes in America.

Here is today's question...

Would you watch the Al Jazeera channel?

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36 thoughts on “Poll: Would you watch a cable news channel by Al Jazeera?

  1. So you really think Al Jazeera is just a 'good guy' and has no agenda? Really?

    I have no interest nor desire to watch them. Why would I?
    Why look to them as a source? Many people complain about our domestic news sources, but apparently they still keep watching. The media outlets will still keep doing what they do... because you're watching, they think you like it! If enough people turn them off they will change when they face their own extinction, but people love to hit their foot with a hammer and complain about the pain. Do you complain to them, let your voice be heard? Or is it easier to watch some untried, untrusted, and supposedly unbiased foreign media outlet, that at first appears to be a 'good-guy doing me a favor' (haven't you learned yet?), supply you with news?
    I don't watch any news for that reason. There are plenty of unbiased news sources out there if you look and if people use their brain and stop being spoon-fed someone elses spin on the news, complete with their own agenda and particular posture.

    You get exactly what you look for.

  2. “Muslins as a people are just like everyone else as long as they act in ways that supports the rights and beliefs of everyone else. Like other ethnic groups some intelligent, forth right, honest, caring people and some even understand the limitations and dark side of the Islamic religion they were born into. They essentially believe in believing, helping where they can and are no more judgmental than other groups.

    Unfortunately, their Mullahs, Fux Religious/Political leaders, have elected to use a questionable religion, Islam, as a Force to line their pockets and provide themselves with the ego centric perception of righteous power based on the exploits of a questionable deity. Essentially, they believe their own press and have armies of mindless followers, which they create from birth and maintain until death, to carry out their mandates and keep them in power. I have no use for organized religion of any kind. I believe in believing and that it is an individual's right of birth and a necessity for survival on the Blue Marble. In essences, believing in something that provides a guiding light and supports the life and times of the believer during their short time on earth.” It is what you believe that matters most.
    Islam is a political system that maintains itself through the use of fear and force and therefore has no intrinsic power. Power stands alone in the universe and Force requires counter-force to exist. Most organized Religion is based on Force, with Islam being the worst. Therefore since Al Jazeera represents and is supported by the purveyors of Force I have no time or intention to subjective myself to more Force. If I want to be lied too and deceived I will can just turn-on CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC or RT. They are the experts at political deception.

  3. Have been watching Al-Jazeera for a few years now here in England. Have found most reporting to be on the whole impartial, unlike the BBC here which took a wrong path a few years ago, and can no longer really be trusted.
    The coverage of the Arab Spring was brilliant and informative. I always check their news to reach a balanced view. I am amazed how skewed the 'established' news channels can be, just like the printed press.
    There is always another point of view...people should take it on board.

  4. Only a Dumb should not watch Al-Jazeera. What I want to say is, how can you reach to reality if you watch only only news from channels of same motives. You should watch different channels to find truth. But I have to say that Al-Jazeera is not pro muslim tv. It has made to fool Muslims. When Yahoods realise muslims are rejecting Bbc and Cnn, they make new stratagie. There are many channels with Islamic names and Islamic look but those are just to fool Muslims. May Almighty God protect all .

  5. I tuned in last night for the first time and I must say that it was quite refreshing to see another take on the news. I often watch the BBC news and Financial news from around the globe to gain more information and I think that I will add this channel into the rotation for the time being.

    1. We do too. For a different perspective, I always check out Russia Today (RT), the BBC, and Al Jazeera. You never get the full news unless you check a variety of sources.

      1. I watched Al Jazeera for a while and then stopped as I found it totally biased in favor of Muslims and pro-Jihadists ; viciously anti-Israel and USA and spreading Pro Palestinian propaganda and lies.

        1. So what Bbc and Cnn are doing is same. Their lies are known worldwide. They are playing with your mentalities. Even Al-Jazeera is one of those. Its made to fool muslims. But these days Muslims are so sharp. They are not easily fooled.Americans are being fooled by their home channels. An everage American youth is Dumb. Indian and Chinese are smarter.

  6. They have the potential to add real news to the airwaves, as they have in the past especially in their area of the world, when American broadcasters have failed to do so, failed to spend money or didn't have the necessary contacts or access to get the story done. I say, we need to hear what they can bring to real news.

  7. Adam,

    Here is a channel to direct your uncharacteristically unthinking rage at instead of Al Jazeera .

    The UK regulator has just fined Al Ehya Digital £85000 for broadcasting statements that it was acceptable to murder anyone who disrespects the Prophet Mohammed. It should be shut down in my view.

    I don't know if that also applies in their twisted view to the Prophet Jesus.

    I suspect 99% of the 'Absolutely Not' and 'Sound un-American to me' responders will not know that he is venerated in the Koran and if someone mentions his name over there they will say 'peace be upon him'.

  8. I expect the ratings will be higher than when Al Gore attempted to fill the airwaves with unrelenting liberal drivel. At the least, it will be an interesting counterpoint to the Federal Government sponsored network news.

  9. We watch Al Jazeera every day, and do a reality check with BBC, CNN and CCTV (China).
    Al Jazeera is a clear leader in terms of unslanted reporting on current affairs, excellent docus and focus on otherwise under-reported events unfolding in the far corners of the world. Channels like Al Jazeera will help make America a better place and Americans better people.
    Remember what Hillary Clinton said about Al Jazeera?

      1. Hi, Hillary said, quote:

        "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that Al Jazeera is gaining more prominence in the U.S. because it offers "real news" -- something she said American media were falling far short of doing.

        Clinton was speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and she said the U.S. is losing the "information war" in the world. Other countries and global news outlets, she said, were making inroads into places like the Middle East more effectively than the United States has. One of the reasons she cited for this was the quality of channels like Al Jazeera. The channel, she said, was "changing peoples' minds and attitudes. And like it or hate it, it is really effective." U.S. news, she added, was not keeping up." Unquote.

    1. Excellent comment, Robert. I am amazed that almost half the respondents wouldn't watch Al Jazeera under any circumstances. An incredible statistic!

      For many years, our family primarily watched the now underfunded BBC for international news. Today our first choice channel for international news is Al Jazeera. Their geographical coverage is comprehensive, their documentary's generally superb, and their panel discussions on current topics of interest, bring varying viewpoints to the table.

      When my son was young, and faced with a new food dish on the table, his knee jerk reaction was usually "Yuk". When asked if he had tasted it, he would go into a sulk and refuse to eat it. Ultimately curiosity got the better of him. He could now be considered a gourmand.

  10. Americans are generally a stupid lot when it comes to international affairs, or even most US news. After all, it takes the British Guardian to expose US agencies spying on all Americans. Did you get the truth from compliant US media outlets about those invisible WMDs of GWB in the lead in to the Iraq invasion? Did you get any real assessment of how the Patriot Act and its ilk have been punishing Americans with its draconian rules? American corporate media is about as useless as a propaganda arm of government. You need to pull your head out of the sand so you can see the world as it is, not as some frilly corporate news outlet demands. I'll certainly watch Al Jazeera, since they may offer something beyond what Americans are comfortable watching or American news outlets are comfortable reporting. Maybe Al Jazeera will show the coffins of dead American soldiers so the fantasy world American electorate can see the real cost of war. GWB and American media refused to show the death caused by war. How many children have US drones killed? American media gives you nothing. Maybe Al Jazeera can offer something of value.

  11. Absolutely I would watch Al Jazeera! While most of US News is the same repetitious line for line, word for word, canned stuff. We need a news organization that has journalists on the ground writing coherent stories and facts. I deeply miss hearing from other parts of the world and fresh viewpoints. My only concern is while Al Jazeera-English has a good reputation the new channel in this country will be Al Jazeera-US nad not have as much of a world coverage. If the viewpoint is different than mine I can better understand the position when it has not been sanitized and skeewed by its opposition. That is true freedom of speech. As I live in a one party southern state I fear that my local cable company will not give me the choice.

  12. Governments and society are always demonizing someone. I prefer to think of all of us as one humanity and to think for myself rather than have the government decide who and what I should believe and who is the boogieman. Hatred and prejudice is what causes many of the problems in the world. I again prefer to make my own decisions and view everyone as a human being and listen before making broad generalizations.

    In addition, everyone knows the news in the US is tightly controlled and you never hear alot of the things going on in the world. I watched Al Jazeera and they have a very thoughtful coverage of different issues and things that I wish they would explore here on US news. Things such as poverty, school systems, war and conflict with interviews from both parties.

    Again don't spread fear and prejudice instead be one of the few that think for themselves and make their own decisions.

    Rather than having the government think for me I prefer to make my own decisions. I take all news with a bit of salt, but I've watched Al Jazeera and it is much less bias than US News in general. Again I just because a government demonizes the rest of the world I prefer to realize that the rest of the world is just human beings

  13. American news reporting would be laughable if it weren't for the fact that it misleads and betrays its followers. I like Fox a lot but it still plays in the same arena as the dysfunctional press.

    I want to learn as much as possible and try to resist the tendency to rule out a resource because I dislike its origin. Al Jazeera is a new choice for me; maybe I can learn something from it.

  14. Wow. Just Wow. I am consistantly amazed at how many people will knowingly put themselves in a box and only allow information in that has been tailored to fit their preconceived notions. Why conservatives seem to panic whenever they are about to learn that their deeply held beliefs might be wrong, or that independently collected facts suggest that the reporting they prefer might be a completly skewed version of reality is beyond my understanding. Information can be skewed to fit an agenda such as Fox news is known to do here in America. Al Jazeera is known around the world to follow a methodology in reporting that comes much closer to pure journalism, and much farther away from propaganda/sensationalism than mainstream American news reporting. I guess they feel that a well informed mind can make better informed decisions. How Crazy! This certainly runs contrary to the American standard that attempts to sensationalize and skew reporting to fit the agenda of the owners of the media. I can "hear" the fear of anything foreign, or especially anything middle eastern in the tone of your comments somehow linking Al Jazeera with the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and a part of the world removed from America. These are some very powerful words that have little to no basis in fact as presented, but serve to illustrate my point well in that you reject anything that the American Right doesn't want you to know about even before you hear what it is! Score one for Fox..."THEY" are winning the race to be in control of how you think by being in control of what you hear. I suggest it might be in everyones interest to be better informed, especially concerning issues that have political ramifications in the middle east. If I don't like what I hear, I can always stop listening. Free speech/free press/honesty and integrity/competition in all markets are all supposedly "American" ideals...don't throw all that out because you are fearfull of what you don't know but rather embrace your ignorance and educate yourself.

  15. If you go to the source you will find it says the love of money is the root of all evil. Money itself is neutral. It can be used for good or evil.

  16. I have it on a ch 513 and find it more informative than any North American or BBC choice. Russia Today (RT) is also a better choice but as always it is the same as in other market places:buyer-beware

  17. I saw Al Jazeera English in AU and NZ and thought it intelligent, comprehensive and unbiased reporting. Al Jazeera is not the enemy, American Ignorance and Bigotry are.

  18. Its been around for some time in Europe; on Sky, Adam!!!
    Sky News supplies Fox. Very symmetric. The bias of Fox and Al Jazeera is probably about equal in different directions.

    So watch both and the truth will likely be half way between.

  19. Yes, I watch it now. They reporters are all over the World including NY.NY. presenting the News and what I perceive to be a Truthful opinion unlike the system now televised where most reports have an agenda or they sensationalizing the story. I never believe all I see/read/watch but my eyes are open and my mind has the ability to think and make decisions.

  20. The trend in US news for some time now is that it is becoming more and more US centric and more and more US one-sided. Ironically, many countries that are tradionally viewed as less free and more biased actually offer less biased news representing broader views than what you see in the US. I actually have found US mainstream news to be next to useless for years and I prefer to get my news from less traditional sources and from overseas.

  21. The "low information voter" would answer "Absolutely Not," as a recoil reaction to something that is UN-american sounding and has represented a threat to the American Way. We should at least take a look, in the best intention to educate ourselves with what is being purported as "News" by Al Jazeera. Bottom line: Know your friends, and Know your enemy at least as well. If you know what they're being told, you have knowelege of their bias.

    1. I'm not a low-information voter and I can easily tell dog poop, just from the smell - I don't need to taste it. The more people who watch, the more support and encouragement they'll get and the more exposure they'll get to the true low-information voters. If they're ignored and no one watches them, they'll flop miserably, just as did liberal talk radio. If they're not commercially viable and generating profits, cable systems will be more likely to drop them, regardless of any agenda they (the cable systems) may have.

  22. I am 100% opposed to radical Muslims who try to force their way of life on others. Al Jazeera will probably be a propaganda arm for them in this country to further inflame Muslims who are already radicalized and to assist in radicalizing others. However, if they stay within the rights afforded to all by the 1st Amendment, then they have a right to publish. I may watch it from time to time to see what propaganda they are spreading. It is always good to know what your enemies are up to. As far as Al Gore is concerned, his actions have consistently demonstrated that he is a man without principles. This is just another in a long list.

    1. I agree with your comment, Roger. It still amazes me how corrupt the rich become. "Money is the root of all evil" comes to mind--yet I have always dreamed of being wealthy and all the good my money could do for the less fortunate (including animals)!

      1. If you go to the source you will find it says the love of money is the root of all evil. Money itself is neutral. It can be used for good or evil.

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