Poll: Would you watch a cable news channel by Al Jazeera?

What do you think when you hear the name Al Jazeera? Well, it is a reality Al Jazeera is starting a broadcast news cable channel in the United States all thanks to Al Gore.

Personally, I seem to link the name Al Jazeera with the Muslim brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and a part of the world removed from America. AT&T is being taken to court by Al Jazeera, as they are refusing to carry the Al Jazeera broadcast signal.

Al Jazeera was made possible by Al Gore, who sold them his money-losing cable company for half a billion dollars. This sale, along with some other investments made by Mr. Gore, have given him a bigger net worth than Mitt Romney. By selling his failing cable company to Al Jazeera, as apparently nobody else would buy it, it gave Al Jazeera access to 90 million homes in America.

Here is today's question...

Would you watch the Al Jazeera channel?

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