Have You Gotten Insurance Yet?

President Obama has called in his fixer, Jeffrey Zients, to fix the Obama Healthcare Exchange website. You may remember that name from past endeavors he was involved in fixing, such as the Cash For Clunkers program and the GI Bill program after 9-11.

I don't know about you, but I tried out the system a few weeks ago and was very disappointed in it. I actually had to give up after an hour of trying and getting repeated error messages. Very frustrating to say the least. I want to ask you...

Have you purchased health insurance from Obama's healthcare website?

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20 thoughts on “Have You Gotten Insurance Yet?

  1. Perhaps California is the de facto enrollment model that could/should be emulated. Jerry Brown is said to be relatively
    successful in governing California today. The phenomena are the definition of complexity. The GOP seems to me to be trashing Obama out of malice. They have historically opposed Social Security and Medicare too. If Paul Ryan's ideas are better, then great. He ran for Vice-President, an admirer of Ayn Rand and a Roman Catholic. If he can synthesize such opposites, then this revelation in January will be miraculous indeed. The Heritage Foundation is said to have conceived Obama's plan. Romney is said to be proud of Romney Care.

  2. I am pretty healthy and only need emergency care on a very rare basis. I use nutrition, chiropractic, massage and exercise none of which ObamaDontCare will cover I am sure. Spent 10s of thousands on dental and cataract surgery out of pocket the last few years and feel about done with medical for a number of years to come. Need the money not to buy new insurancem but to pay off the credit cards for the past expenses. I bet I don't get credit for any of THAT towards my future insurance coverages.
    The rebates will be ok for me if they work off of Net income not gross, but prior to release of the sites I could find no clarification, but as with most government things I an sure it is not in my benefit. Does it at all take one's budget into account or am I going to have to get a third job to afford the Socialist's Vanity program.

  3. I will come out cheaper by buying the insurance, I've served in the military from Viet Nam in the 60's and a number of other hell holes to the 80's, and I find going to a civilian hospital cheaper than the VA, and the RX drugs and OTC payments 6-8 dollars less at Rite Aid or any other drug store, with many, I have no co-pay, but at the VA , I have to pay even with drug coverage . I got tired of running up bills at the VA for things insurance covers outside of their hospitals.

  4. As has been pointed out on other sites, including IT-oriented ones, throwing a bunch of "experts" at a cocked-up software rollout won't produce results in a hurry, and may not produce results at all.

    The experts first have to familiarize themselves with the goals of the software, i.e. what it is supposed to do -- and that is badly defined, with some of the details not released by the government until a month before the rollout. Then they have to figure out why the software isn't doing what it is supposed to. Then and only then can they begin to fix it.

    A frequently quoted rule of thumb is 100 lines of code per day per programmer. This is slowed down considerably when the programmer is not writing clean code, but fixing bad code -- and the current estimate is that five million lines of code out of five hundred million, will have to be fixed. Because of political pressure, I foresee a bunch of hasty ad hoc bandaids being applied. Some won't fix the problem they're aimed at. Some will cause other problems. I don't think Obamacare will be ready for prime time for at least a year. I thank you Firozali A.Mulla DBA

  5. R U kidding me ? I am being told by my GOVT to get insurance or I will be fined !
    HA HA !
    Get a clue people
    this is a total crock ! the democracks are so idiotic it is making my head spin.
    I am in North Carolina and the illegals run around with fake SS cards, FAKE ein CARDS and they get state food stamps, state BABY CARE !! from DUKE AND UNC -
    now - you think people are gonna pay
    why ?
    so stupid ..

    GOOGLE " BROSURANCE " - obama dum dum down of the USA for the INSURANCE WORLD
    SERIOUS ..
    so urban ... ebonic ... idiotic ...


  6. None of this is sustainable. Do those of you who love Obamacare understand this? What does the number 17 trillion mean to you? Do you honestly think that the party can go on forever? Do you really believe that a day of reckoning for the dollar will never come? Take a look at the EUR/USD charts. What do you see?

  7. While a single-payer program would have been better, it was politically unattainable. Obamacare brings us a good way out of our banana republic status toward being a civilized country. It will work, and it will be successful.

    1. It woudn't think, that a failure of the website is a failure of ACA. PPL also can apply for insurance coverage by post.
      Hope, that that they can fix these technical problems, and that enoght insurances will take part, too.
      The ACA itself will be sucessful !

  8. Aside from the logistical/technical failure, i keep hearing from some people that have been w/o insurance for awhile that were, at least, excited but apprehensive that they would find something truly compelling in the form of a healthcare plan that remain uninsured after seeing the bottom line cost AND deductibles -the highest I have heard is around $13,000 and the lowest around $6,000. I have a family of four with two young children and given our frequent visits to the Dr's office....that would be basically the same as paying to have insurance with no co-pay in sight each year. (I heard one person say they would have been better off, in comparision, if they had just been able to keep paying COBRA premiums.) The premiums and deductible would be a drop in the bucket if it came to a catastrophic health event, but who among these fold can afford to just get over the deductible gap to the other side where their healthcare expenses just begin to get covered. First they have to pay the premiums, then they have to pay the deductible.....I don't event need a napkin to do the math on that. If you are looking through a veil darkly, it is a good opportunity for the insurers, but only if people can afford it....otherwise, why bother? With respect to enforcement of one's "obligation" to find insurance, I don't know what people are supposes to do if they can't afford the "affordable" and, moreover, can't even begin to receive a tangible, dollar benefit for the money they are paying in. It is clear to me that the big deductible gaps are the preconceived method for further funding of the pool(s) within the system. The question is, what does it take to finally get those monies paid out and will they wind up going to line some other individual's or organization's pocket or coffers....I'm mean, you don't have to jog your memory too much to recall any number of social service programs that essentially did little to achieve the end means and, instead made the wyly, shrewd, clever, calculating few shysters and racketeers rich.

  9. I am 60, currently paying $630/month for a $5,200 deductible plan. Continuing this plan would cost be $825/month. It's just not worth it. I'll pay the f***ing tax if I have to (thanks, Justice Roberts, you pusillanimous coward), and if something goes wrong, just enroll in an insurance plan on an as-needed basis.

  10. the obama care is like every thing else it is a mess just like your opportunity to get the pipe line from canada i feel sorry for most americas who are in this mess being a canadaian we dont have the problems sound financial planing is the only way to run any thing government or business

  11. ObotchaCare is a dismal failure.

    The Presidente will likely delay the individual mandate for a year after his sales pitch falls flat giving the Repubs what they asked for originally. If so, it will likely be a bipartisan effort. Too bad the government was shut down for nothing as the Repubs were trying to negotiate this very point. But what do you expect from this Presidente?

  12. When the budget bill and "extension of the National debt ceiling" bill come up for vote again in a few months in Congress, I hope Senator Cruz tries to stop Obama Care again. Maybe, once citizens see what a disaster Obama Care is, they will give Cruz more support. STOP OBAMA CARE NOW!!!!!.

  13. i have been uninsured for 3+ years. i can get insured for $400 per month, or $800 wife included. $10,000 per year 'just in case'? i cannot justify it yet. i was hoping that ACA would be something great. sure looks like something to avoid, at least for the time being.

    1. My husband and I are both over 55 so already pay high premiums. (My premium doubled when I turned 55). We are both self employed and our choice is either the individual market or go uninsured and pay out of pocket. Our current insurance 2013 costs us $13,000 per year with a $5000 family deductible. (Also have 2 college age kids on the policy). I can't get on the Obamacare website but have priced out our premiums on einsurance.com and on the Blue Cross website. We have preexisting conditions (daughter with type 1 diabetes,) so thought we might benefit.
      All plans will cost us about $30,000 per year in combination of premiums and out of pocket (we have about $10,000 out of pocket per year for insulin and diabetic supplies for my daughter plus some meds for my husband).
      Seriously considering going uninsured or maybe just insuring my daughter. Her premium is only $200 to $300 per month but she is most of our out of pocket cost.
      Our total medical cost will increase by more than $10,000 per year if we stay insured. I priced out many different options and keep coming up with $30,000 in medical between premiums and out of pocket before any medical benefit. So we go uninsured and take our chances on risk of needing hospitalization. We can't afford to pay out so much in medical.
      Seems to me this plan will result in less people being insured. We have never gone uninsured before. Can't believe I am considering going uninsured as an option. Scary but only economic choice I can see.

      1. I guess, that you should go getting an advice in your situation. But why should you switch to another insurance plan, when you already have one, which serves your need? Especially when you have preexisting conditions with your daughter.

        1. Blue Cross cancelled us effective December 31, 2013, so we are forced to buy Obamacare insurance. I wish we could continue with the previous policy.

    2. FROM THE NET I still don't understand how it is legal to fine someone for not having health insurance. When did this stop being America. I like many things about the plan. The government subsidy to help with the payment and fact pre-existing conditions can not get you denied or increase your rates is great. But fining people for choosing not to carry health insurance should be illegal. I thank you FirozaliA.Mulla DBA

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