Are You Making These Trading Mistakes?

Our friend Patrick Stockhausen of Ultimate Trading Mastermind, a leading wealth mind expert and Syndicate Fund Manager, has just spent the last two months interviewing some of the world's leading trading masters, including the author of Market Wizards Jack Schwager and Van Tharp.

In the attached Audio interview clip he asked each of the 12 trading masters the EXACT same question in order to find the common threads across all successful traders.

The question Patrick asked all 12 trading masters is: "What are the 3 biggest mistakes you see traders making and what do they need to do differently?" 

To find out the answers from the 12 top trading masters click here.

Each of the trading experts below will tell you what the most common mistakes they see traders making and what YOU need to do differently to make a difference to your results;

1.    Van Tharp – Market Wizard & Master Coach To Traders And Investors.

2.    Jack Schwager – Market Wizard Series creator And Portfolio Manager

3.    Jon Najarian – aka “Dr. J”  - Professional Trader, Market Analyst and Co-founder of Option & Trade Monster

4.    Ron Ianieri - Former Market Specialist,  Market Maker, Educator And Chief Option Strategist

5.    Tim Knight- Hedge Fund Manager And TV Host On Tasty Trade

6.    Toni Turner - Professional Trader, Educator, Bestselling Author and international Speaker

7.    Rob Hoffman - International Trading Champion and Mentor

8.    John Thomas - Hedge Fund Manager

9.    Daniel Kertcher -Professional Trader,  Senior Investment Officer, Educator

10. Steven Bigalow - Market Technician, Educator And Author

11. Mark Soberman - Professional Trader And Systems Developer

12. Patrick Stockhausen - A World Leading Expert On The Psychology of Wealth And Financial Trading, Syndicate Fund Manager

Whether you are a new or experienced trader - this information will be invaluable to you

On that page Patrick is giving away a brand new 60 min audio program that reveals what his panel of trading masters see as the 3 biggest mistakes that traders are making today and what they should be doing differently immediately.

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