Fill in the Caption

Leave a comment on what you think would be the “perfect caption” for this photograph of President Obama, taking a “selfie” with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron at the Nelson Mandela memorial service. What was the president doing and more importantly, what was First Lady Michelle thinking.

Here’s our caption: “Barack, just wait till I get you home, I’ll wipe that grin off your face!!”

We look forward to reading your creative captions.

30 thoughts on “Fill in the Caption

  1. We go to getti like spaghetti and I'm making a lot of spaghetti with "their dough". Come on Michelle you know you like taking "their dough".

  2. It's good that they are happy and funny than serious. It is easier to solve the world's problems if they have happy minds.

  3. The guy behind them -- who looks like Eric Holder seems to be saying --- OMG looks like the three little pigs are at it again and this is what runs the world - Wonder if they even know who's funeral it is???

  4. Helle Thorning Schmidt (thinking): 'I don't believe it, they've both got their fingers up my arse...'

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