Gold Alert! New Weekly Trend Change

Gold issued a NEW weekly green Trade Triangle indicating that the intermediate-term trend has changed to a long position. The Trade Triangle was issued @ $1,246.72. Get your Free Trend Analysis of Gold HERE.

If you missed Adam's 2014 Gold outlook, you can view it here.

3 thoughts on “Gold Alert! New Weekly Trend Change

  1. Agree with Dennis. I'm hearing more and more that gold is in a basing stage and will be in a bull market in 2014. I was very surprised with the gold price yesterday when fed reserve member spoke of more tapering, treasuries were up and gold was up as well. Doesn't usually happen that way.

  2. Yawn! Previous weekly and even monthly green triangles since 2011 were selling opportunities. Why should this time be different? The only precious metal holding its ground is palladium, but so far it's only range trading. Yawn here too.

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