Fill In The Caption - Eric Holder & Al Sharpton

What do you think would be the "perfect caption" for this photograph of Attorney General, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton?

Here's my caption:
"Eric, you don’t get it. I want your job!"

Leave a comment with your caption and have the opportunity to win a three month MarketClub subscription. Enter as many captions as you wish and have fun! Team MarketClub will pick out the top three captions for the prizes. Good luck!

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35 thoughts on “Fill In The Caption - Eric Holder & Al Sharpton


  2. Now that you finally realize that you are a big part of the problem, you want to quit???
    I guess you finally realized, your remark, "Too Big to jail" had allowed you to fail the American people.

  3. Its like I told you before, no real truth loving American has any regard for anything me and you have to say. Now that you finally get it, it's time for you to go. By the way, if I ever get it I'm gone too.

  4. Hey, before you leave decriminalize marijuana.

    Seriously though did you get to ride in the Choom Van?

    Listen! Just say it’s the fault of Congress. It’s midterm elections!

    So we agree, you don’t ever mention Tawana Brawley and I won’t mention Verizon Google-gate, Fast and Furious-gate, Benghazi-gate, Drone-gate, IRS-gate, AP-gate, Columbia-gate, Solyndra-gate

    Tell me something when you leave do you get to keep your insurance?

    Just remember in the private sector, being an activist attorney doesn’t pay unless you’re a community organizer.

  5. Hey, Eric, how can a sleazebag such as yourself come across as being so clean-cut? I mean, like, look at me man!

  6. Eric, you did a great job during your tenure. The National Action Network will find a suitable replacement for you!!!

  7. Eric, don't worry ... what happened in the "Dominican Republic" stays in the "Dominican Republic".

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