Are The Markets Teetering At The Edge Of A Cliff?

Well, it certainly seems as though the equity markets cannot make up their minds which way they want to go. The question on every investor's mind is, is this going to be a major top in the market like 2007?

I remember reading an article years ago titled "They do ring a bell at the top of the market." It was an intriguing title and, of course, that's the reason I read the article. In essence, it boiled down to this, when the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates, it can be a major negative for the market.

What will happen when interest rates start to move up again, as they invariably will? Are we going to see a move out of stocks and into safe yield bearing instruments again? We are not there yet, however as investors we should be cognizant of how markets can and do change direction.

Now please don't misunderstand what I'm saying, I'm not saying this is the top. What does concern me is that a red weekly Trade Triangles kicked in, indicating a sidelines position in the stock market. The weekly Trade Triangles are like an early warning signal, like a canary in a coal mine - they indicate that you should be cautious in the general markets right now.

Looking back at 2007, everything appeared to be rosy in the markets although there was talk of a bubble in the housing market. We all remember what happened, the stock market tanked in a dramatic way and in less than a year, had lost 25% of its value and trillions of dollars seemingly vanished from investors 401(k)s and IRA programs. Should this happen again, I want you to be prepared.

Take a few minutes and look back at the MarketClub charts in 2007 and you will see exactly where the Trade Triangle technology exited the markets before the downturn. You'll also see that when the market turned back up in 2009, the Trade Triangle technology had you safely back in the market at much better levels. The reality is, the Trade Triangle technology will protect you no matter what happens to the markets. I am very comfortable in telling you that.

Today, I'm going to be looking at the weekly charts to see where many of these markets are closing on a weekly basis. When you look at the weekly charts, it takes a tremendous amount energy to change the weekly direction of any market.

I will be looking to find some weekend trades with the "52-Week New Highs on a Friday" strategy. I'll also put a twist on that strategy this week by looking at new "52-Week New Lows on a Friday." You won’t want to miss that segment.

Thank you for all of your comments this week I really do appreciate them all. If you have any comments about today's video or blog posting, please feel free to leave it below this post.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

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