First Greece, Now Iran, The Deals Keep Coming

Yesterday, we saw the first glimmer of hope from Greece and that was enough to push the markets up sharply and optimism once again ruled the markets.

Today's announcement of a nuclear deal with Iran is a different kettle of fish. I do not view the nuclear deal with Iran in quite the same positive light as the deal with Greece. The ramifications are very different and of course, potentially life-threatening for a very sensitive part of the world.

It is going to take the markets some time to digest the ramifications of this deal as it is still way too early and premature to assume either the best or worst scenario for this deal. Putting all that aside, today I'm going to look at the technical aspects of the major indices, crude oil, gold and the euro and time permitting, a couple of stocks that are looking good technically.

Tell us, what do you think of this nuclear deal with Iran? Please feel free to leave your comments below this post. I would be most interested in hearing how you think this will affect the markets, crude oil and of course, the world.

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3 thoughts on “First Greece, Now Iran, The Deals Keep Coming

  1. We were sold out again by our Muslim president. Get ready for Israel to take the matter up.

  2. Were making deals with people we didn't have to deal with. We were running the show. They talk about how this will slow down or curtail Iran but they don't talk about what we gave Iran which is all Iran was concerned with. The lifting of embargoes will allow Iran to build and stockpile critical items then they will maintain their perfect record of never keeping any deal they have ever made.

  3. Don't swear this is what will happen. But anyone who read my book Torah and Zionism? Knows that I quote from a rabbi liyad and he proposes that even though Iran and Saudis are religious fanatical Moslems since they are different subsections Iran really wants to nuke the Saudis. Iran knows however that the Christian world would never stand for even one second a possible bombing of their oil supply. Therefore rav liyad proposes that they are using Israel as a pretext since they realized that the only thing a gentlile hats more than a Jew is a Zionist Jew. This theory of rav liyad is sustained by the law of Zionism formulated by zev jabotnsky who stated that what ever problems occur in the beloved garden of God will eventually end in the rest of the world.

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