In 1 Day, 127% Profit On AAPL And I Told You To Follow Along

Follow up on yesterday’s video! If you didn't catch the video, you can see it here.

Yesterday I showed you how you can benefit from a fall in a stock's price. I showed you how a PUT option can help put profits into your portfolio, when many others are simply shying away from the market.

I also mentioned at the 6:25 mark, "You watch Apple and see if it did in fact fall in price after 7/8/15. Cause I don't want you to believe me about the accuracy of MarketClub. I want you to believe your results. Trust but verify. You put this to the test yourself."

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I used the Trade Triangles and the 10 Minute Options Strategy (you can learn the strategy for yourself here) to buy 120 put options at $0.93. I made 127.42% on this trade in one day. I executed my position and put an easy $592 into my pocket.

Profits like this aren't a fluke. When you have the right tools at your disposal, you're going to win many more trades like this than you lose. I'd highly suggest that you watch this 10 Minute Options Strategy video and learn how to start seeing results like this for yourself!

If you're ready to get started with my MarketClub Options students and I, there is no better time than now! Start MarketClub Options. Be sure to say "Hi" in the forum once you log in!

Every success,
Trader Travis

Travis Wilkerson (AKA Trader Travis) is the lead stock option trainer at MarketClub Options and founder of the Option Profit Formula Success Academy. Travis has been investing in stocks and options since early 2002 and became a full-time options trader in 2009. Since then, he has become a mentor to share the lessons he learned the hard way to help his students create multiple streams of income instead of one sole source of income.

Travis is just a down-to-earth, regular guy who believes in helping people by giving them a hand up, not a handout. To Travis, investing strategies should be simple, not complicated, thus allowing you to spend more time with your family.

6 thoughts on “In 1 Day, 127% Profit On AAPL And I Told You To Follow Along

  1. If you watched the video then you already have the answer to your question, but if you watched the video was there anything you learned from it?

    1. The quick gain and then quick loss that can occur with options was nothing new to me. That was one of the reasons i took your course. I would like to think i would have taken some profit, especially since it was a July put , but i may have just stayed in the original trade another day to see if there was going to be more of a sell off. So the trade reinforced the idea of locking in profits before the next day's opening.

      1. You can lock in profit, but it's not something you "have to" do. It all depends on your trade plan. You never want to make trading decisions "after the fact" that's a recipe for disaster and leads to emotional decision making. Always plan "before" you get in the trade whether you are going to lock in profit or let it ride. Then if you don't like the end results you tweak the trade plan on the next trade until you find an overall style you prefer.

          1. These kinds of questions are exactly why I don't record my trades as much anymore 🙂 You're asking the wrong question...a better question would be "how can you do the same thing consistently?"

            Watching me trade does not put money in your pocket.

            Now to answer your question: I lost a little profit on AAPL, but I'm still in the trade and I also made the same kind of trade on CELG and nearly tripled my money. The CELG profit more than made up for what I lost on AAPL.

            And this is the last question I am answering on my trade and I apologize for distracting you.

            My family and I were fortunate and we tripled our retirement account because of the last Bear Market. Most people lost a third of their wealth.

            Losing money when stocks fall is completely unnecessary so I recorded that video to give people hope and to show them what tools are available for them.

            I make money overall as a trader, but so what! How does that help YOU. It doesn't, which is why I prefer people not ask about my trades and instead focus on bettering their own investments.

            And of course Marketclub and I are here to help you. That's the purpose of the video. Again, sorry for not making the purpose of the video more clear, but I hope you learned something from it.

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