Double Digit Returns In Q3 For The World Cup Portfolio

The World Cup Portfolio once again showed its resilience and produced a solid return of just over 16% in Q3. For many traders, Q3 was a difficult quarter and there were certainly parts of the World Cup Portfolio that did not fare well either during this quarter. However, those losses were offset with profits from other parts of the portfolio. That is one of the principal reasons why the portfolio trades six different markets that have a low correlation rate.

In case you are not familiar with MarketClub's World Cup Portfolio, here are the six markets: corn, wheat, soybeans, crude oil, gold and the dollar index. Out of those six markets, the portfolio made money in five of them, the only disappointment was the dollar index which has proven to be a frustrating, trend-less market over the last couple of quarters.

Here are the individual results for each market trading one contract.

Corn +$1,062.50
Wheat +$1,687.50
Soybeans +$2,525.00
Crude oil +$7,010.00
Gold +$1,207.00
Dollar Index -$5,235.00

Total net profit for the quarter was $8,099.00, for a 16.20% return for the quarter.

Since we have been tracking this portfolio since 2007 (33 quarters), it's only had losses in 6 of those quarters, but it has never had a negative year.

Ideally this portfolio should be funded with $50,000 and be able to trade futures contracts. You would not use options nor would you leverage up this portfolio to the max. You could double the margin positions to be on the conservative side, which gives you a backup plan in case your first trade does not work.

If you'd like to learn more about the World Cup portfolio and trading rules, I invite you to check out this page where you are given not only the trading rules, but the signals every day for each of the six markets. There is no guesswork involved in this portfolio, it is simply an algorithm that when employed correctly works well. I just want to emphasize that this is not a get rich quick scheme, rather it is a game plan to employ as part of your overall portfolio to give you diversification in your overall approach to the market.

I strongly suggest that you practice trading this portfolio on paper before jumping into the market with your money. That way, you'll have a better understanding of how it works and if it's right for you.

The World Cup Portfolio is one of three portfolios that are available to you as a member of MarketClub. The other two portfolios are the Perfect Portfolio which trades in ETFs and is suitable for IRAs and retirement accounts. The last portfolio is the Internet Portfolio that focuses on Internet stocks and is up over 22% this year.

Stay strong and disciplined.

Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

6 thoughts on “Double Digit Returns In Q3 For The World Cup Portfolio

    1. CAG,

      Please find our response to Ralph's and Clinton's comments below.

      Every success using MarketClub's World Cup portfolio and to our two other model portfolios.


  1. You forget to mention if the winners offset the losers and how much was made in quarters 1 & 2.

    1. Ralph,

      Thank you for your question in regards to the results for the MarketClub's results for Q1 and Q2. You can also find those results just by searching on isthis blog.

      Here are the results and what we said about each quarter.

      Q1 Results: +23.3%
      Q2 Results: -23.6%
      Q3 Results: +16.5%

      Net results thru end of Q3: + 16.20%

      If you are not a member of MarketClub you can join here.

      Every success,


  2. World Cup Portfolio; Why do you consider corn, wheat, and soybeans to have low correlation? It seems that they are totally correlated. Oil and the dollar have a fairly strong relationship since oil is priced in dollars. Wouldn't it be better to trade oil and the Euro?

    1. Clinton,

      Thank you for your question and it is a good one. Looking at the grains you would have to say there is a strong correlation between corn, wheat and soybeans. If that were the case then we should make or lose money at the same time in all three of those markets. But that doesn't hold true in the real world nor does it even come close to showing the quarterly results. There have been many quarters when we lost money in one or two of those commodities and made money in the third. You also have winter wheat which has a different harvesting and growing season all of which affects wheat and not soybeans and corn.

      On the oil and the dollar where you indicate a fairly strong relationship I would have to respectfully agree and disagree. I agree that oil is priced in dollars worldwide but that seems to have little influence on the dollar itself. In the World Cup portfolio we look at markets and their trends and not the fundamental correlations. I think the results speak for themselves in the past eight years this portfolio has only had six losing quarters out of 33, the last losing quarter was Q2 of 2015. The World Cup Portfolio has never had a losing year.

      All in all we are very proud of the results of MarketClub's World Cup Portfolio. MarketClub provides all the signals for this portfolio before they occur, as a member of MarketClub you have total access to all the signals for this portfolio and our two other model portfolios.

      Every success in the future and thank you for your question.


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