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This past week has been crazy! The news has been dominated by Brexit, the house sit-in, and the ever entertaining presidential campaign. There was also tremendous tragedy in West Virginia as devastating floods took lives and destroyed homes. A few members of our staff live in this wild and wonderful state. Although they are safe, many of their state's residents are suffering great losses.

We have donated to the flood relief efforts as part of our INO Cares campaign. We hope that our contribution will be used to provide both material and emotional comfort for the flood victims.

If you have it in your hearts to contribute to the West Virginia Flood Relief, there are many ways to do so. Below you will find a few organizations that are trying to make a difference for this broken community.

Red Cross
United Methodist Foundation of WV (Memo: Flood)

I hope you'll keep following along as we try to make the world just a little bit better with random acts of kindness.

Lindsay Bittinger, Inc.

3 thoughts on “INO Cares - WV Flood Relief

  1. I would avoid donating to the red cross, and use the other alternative to help the people of W. Virginia. The red cross has become a corrupt organization (see their recent record in Haiti and elsewhere).

    1. Hi Lord,

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, it is sad that some organizations, created to help people, don't always use funds in an appropriate way. I simply wanted to provide more than one suggestion of how to help with this relief. donated to the United Methodist Foundation of WV. One of the owners of is active with the United Methodist Church and has personally seen the work that this foundation is doing to provide help for the flood victims. We are happy to donate to this cause and we truly hope that every dime will help get these residents back on their feet.

      Thank you again.


      Lindsay Bittinger, Inc.

    2. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we agree that not all charities are the same level of efficiency.

      I can say from personal experience on the ground in West Virginia that the WV United Methodist Church has been absolutely one of the most caring and rapid responses I've even seen. From feeding people to distributing supplies and cleanup efforts, they are making sure that all of the donations make it to the victims of the flooding. The volunteer effort is very heartwarming and has a lot of local knowledge to make sure the needs are covered. We are sending supplies on a daily basis and work teams are organized in the affected towns right now.

      The cleanup efforts will take years, and we're only getting started. We'd appreciate any help you could give.

      Dave Maher, Inc.

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