Same Investment, Tenfold Returns

Could your current stock positions be doing more to help you reach your financial goals? By more, I mean ten times more!

While trading stocks is a great way to build wealth and an important asset to practice diversification, traditional stock trading can't hold a candle next to the earning power of options thanks to the simple power of leverage.

The example below shows how powerful this concept is, a 2.7% return for a set of stock trades would have produced a 32.60% return using the options' equivalent. The investment and duration of the trades were the same, while the options' profit was simply 10+ times higher than that of the stock trades!

see the difference leverage can make!

View the full example in the 10 Minute Options Strategy video

What is leverage?

One options contract is essentially the ability to control 100 shares of stock. For a relatively small amount of money, you can participate in the movement of a larger amount of money.


It would cost you $12,692 to control 100 shares of APPL stock (current trading at $126.92 as of the close on 6/15). However, if you purchased an August 125 call, you would only need $630 to control 100 shares of APPL.

Leverage is only one benefit of options trading. Trading options also allows you to:

  • Make money regardless of stock market direction (up, down or sideways)
  • Benefit from the rise or fall in the stock prices without actually owning the stock
  • Earn extra income off of your current stock holdings
  • Buy stocks at a lower price than everyone else
  • Not lose money if your stock declines in price

Many of the concepts used in traditional stock trading are used to find and manage options trades. While it may sound a little overwhelming, I assure you that it is just like any other skill, it just takes practice and implementation to get the hang of. In fact, I have developed a simple strategy that I would like to give to you today. I'm going to teach you exactly how to find, execute, and manage options trades in just 10 minutes.

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Just think, would ten times the return that your current portfolio has netted help you reach your financial goals faster? If so, I challenge you to put leverage to work for you and your portfolio today. Learn more about MarketClub Options and implement the 10 Minute Options Strategy today.

Every success,
Trader Travis

Creator, MarketClub Options