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Energy Expert Posts 65% Gain in Less Than 12 Months

When the world’s largest and most profitable energy companies want to know the future price of oil, they contact risk management expert, Robert Boslego.

Boslego is one of the most-trusted and well-respected names in the energies community.

More than just a go-to consultant, Boslego has developed and refined an impressive trading strategy that consistently outperforms the energy sector.

oil price

Learn more about INO Energies Guide and how you can follow Boslego’s model portfolio which was up 65% in 2017 alone.

Don't Miss This Week's Political Play

For traders and investors, the political climate has been unlike anything we have ever seen in recent times!

There are plenty of opportunities if you know where to look. Our analyst, Noah Kiedrowski, will bridge the gap between Washington and Wall Street, finding you the best stock plays being driven by politics.

See all of Noah's Traders Blog posts.

Sneak Peek - In the Current Issue:

Companies are aiming to strike transformative acquisitions in light of one of the most pro-business administrations in recent history.

Noah Kiedrowski reviews three potential billion-dollar acquisitions that could set off a chain reaction of consolidation for industry giants and drive up the share price of a handful of stocks.

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