What Are You Doing To Prepare For 2015?

One of the things I've always done over the years is close out all my accounts just before the middle of December. Looking back on the year, I have to say it's been a good year and I hope 2014 was a good year for you too.

This is perhaps the most dangerous time of the year when the markets are very thin and volatile. They can swing dramatically one way or the other and make very little sense. It's not that way every year, but trading does drop off dramatically and liquidity becomes a problem, even with big stocks.

If you haven't made your money for the year by the middle of December, you're not going to make it in the last two weeks of December. I can practically guarantee that.

So here's what I do, I look forward to enjoying the holidays with my family and I look forward to 2015 and get mentally prepared for the markets. There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that there will be some huge moves next year. You only need to catch one of these giant moves to make your year. I happen to think that next year will be golden - that is when the new bull market starts in gold (FOREX:XAUUSDO). Now remember, that is what I think, but I'm going to have to have the Trade Triangles back those thoughts with solid technical evidence that gold is going higher. Continue reading "What Are You Doing To Prepare For 2015?"