Using Gann Swing Charts In Futures Trading...

Looking at a chart is like looking at a complex painting. Everyone has their own interpretation. Likewise, being able to see trade setups takes a trained eye and everyone has their own approach. Today, Duncan from Swing Trends is going to show us how he uses Gann Swing Charts to analyze futures.
One of the largest problems in trading any kind of financial instrument is how to analyze price action. Present 10 different traders with a given candle chart and ask them to classify market trend, support and resistance and chart patterns and the chances are you will receive 10 different looking sets of analysis in return. Not only is it likely that traders will differ substantially in the important areas identified, present the same trader with the same chart, at a different time, it is highly likely that the two charts you will now have will be different to each other. Continue reading "Using Gann Swing Charts In Futures Trading..."