Spot High-Confidence Trading Opportunities Using Moving Averages

By Elliott Wave International

The moving average is a technical indicator which has stood the test of time. It's been 27 years since Robert Prechter described this vital tool in his famous essay, "What a Trader Really Needs to be Successful." What he said then remains true today: Continue reading "Spot High-Confidence Trading Opportunities Using Moving Averages"

Chart to Watch - JMBA

We've asked our friend Jim Robinson of to provide his expert analysis of charts to our readers. Each week he'll be be analyzing a different chart using the Trade Triangles and his experience.

Today he is going to take a look at the technical picture of Jamba Inc. (JMBA).

I hope you are having a GREAT week!

This week let's take a look at a low priced stock that looks to have explosive upside potential.

All three MarketClub Trade Triangles Daily, Weekly, and Monthly are pointing up, which means all systems are GO for JMBA as of right now as far as the MarketClub Trade Triangles are concerned.

JMBA has been in a clear up trend and has hit a resistance area.

If JMBA breaks through resistance that will be extremely bullish price action, especially if the move through resistance happens on higher than normal volume, so please keep an eye on the volume, if JMBA continues higher. Continue reading "Chart to Watch - JMBA"

How to Determine Where the Real Support and Resistance are Everyday

If you follow our blog, then you are definitely familiar with trader Larry Levin, President of Trading Advantage LLC. We have gotten such a great response from some of his past posts that he has agreed to share one more of his favorite trading tips as a special treat to our viewers. Determining the direction of the market can be tricky and just plain confusing at times, but Larry’s expert opinion keeps it simple and straight-to-the-point. If you like this article, Larry’s also agreed to give you free access to one of his top trading secrets.

Today he's going to tell you where  the real support and resistance levels are everyday. Continue reading "How to Determine Where the Real Support and Resistance are Everyday"

Trader's Toolbox: Support and Resistance Revisited

Although many of you will find this lesson in one of the most basic concepts of market behavior "old hat", it never hurts to review. One of the first things a new trader is told (I hesitate to say learns as many never do) is to buy a breakout above resistance and sell a fall through support.

Resistance is the level which holds a market down, while support is an area which props up a market much like a ceiling and a floor. The key is to identify the critical levels. There are a number of methods to determine support and resistance: trendlines, moving averages, retracements, Gann angles, etc. However, simple observation can be an effective means of locating the important areas. A quick glance at the October cotton chart reveals the most basic levels of support and resistance (broken lines).

A previous high often provides resistance, while an earlier low tends to offer support. Support or resistance levels are not necessarily flat. For example, trendlines reveal areas of rising support or falling resistance. Also, when broken, uptrend lines offer a new level of rising resistance, while the opposite is true for downtrend lines. In fact, virtually any broken area of support will become resistance and vice versa. After breaking a level of support (or resistance), the market commonly comes back to test that level before resuming the downmove (upmove). This may be the single most effective method of locating low-risk entry points for trading purposes. This lesson may seem like wasted space to the experienced. However, it is amazing how often traders simply forget (or ignore) the power of basic support and resistance levels. This concept can be very profitable, but it may be just too "easy".


Hello, Adam Hewison here for MarketClub. A lot has happened since I've been gone, but it's time to focus on what's happening right now! Here is a preview of what's ahead for your 1PM market update for Monday the 16th of May.

SP500 +65 and moving sideways. Up trend still intact. Market at the lower end of the Donchian Channel. Target remains at 1,4000.

Silver possible bullish divergence on the Williams %R indicator.Major resistance at $39.50.

Gold longer term trend still positive. Support at $1,462.50. Resistance at $1,526.

Crude Oil neutral with a + 65 reading. Long term indicator remains positive. Possible bullish divergence on the Williams %R indicator.

The Dollar Index is trapped in a trading range with the longer term outlook remaining negative. Major resistance at 77.50.

The Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Commodity Index, is negative with a 60% reading. Near-term resistance at 348.50. Support at 333.50.

Join me at 1PM ET for your LIVE market update!

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Adam Hewison
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