The Median Line - A Leading Indicator

Even though there are hundreds of indicators out there, people still can't find one (or a few) that fit their trading style and methodology. I've been a fan of Greg Fisher from, and his work for a while now. Today I've asked him to teach us a little more about the Median Line AKA Andrews' Pitchfork. Please leave him some comments with your thoughts and questions!


Imagine having the ability to draw a single line - the Median Line - on any stock, forex, or futures price chart, and know there is a high probability prices will reach that line. That is exactly what the late Dr. Alan H. Andrews proposed in his “Action/Reaction Course” in technical analysis of the markets in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The method is more commonly known today as Andrews' pitchfork.  However, as I have learned from several of the students that took Andrews' course - he hated the term pitchfork!

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