A New Technical Triad and Gold

One of the most popular questions that we're asked here at MarketClub is to recommend which chart studies should be used in conjunction with one another. While we don't have an answer for this question - mainly because we realize that there is no right answer, you're in luck as today's guest blogger has developed a strategy using 3 different technical tools and described it in detail for us below.

Gary Wagner of WFGForex.com has developed a unique strategy using Elliot Waves, Fibonacci retracements, and candlesticks to gain insight on the current gold market. Since Gary received such a great response last time he was a guest, we hope that you will enjoy is newest post as well. Read about this interesting way of analyzing the market and leave your comment below.


Most market analysts will agree that supply and demand economics are a major influence on the current price of a commodity. It is however market sentiment that greatly determines the perceived future price.  If one can understand, and quantify market psychology or market sentiment, one can more effectively forecast future prices. This has been the underlining assumption of Elliot Wave and Fibonacci Retracement theory. Continue reading "A New Technical Triad and Gold"