GM's 200 MPG+ Fantasy...

Everyone was shocked when GM took a gigantic government bailout. What was equally shocking to me was to see GM claim that in 2010, they would have a car capable of 230 mpg. Well, as we all know everything is not always as it seems. When I came across this article by Adrian Veidt, Senior Editor of Casey’s Extraordinary Technology I thought I would share it with you and get your take. The auto industry is changing, will GM be able to finally make the changes it needs to?


A few weeks ago, Government Motors dropped a public relations bomb when new chief Fritz Henderson announced that the forthcoming Chevy Volt would get an astonishing 230 miles per gallon (that's 98 kilometers per liter, for our metric-system friends).

For those of you not yet familiar, the Volt is a plug-in hybrid car. The car runs primarily on electric power, with batteries charged overnight by simply plugging the car into an electrical outlet like a cell phone. Its gasoline engine is used only to charge the battery and supplement the power when the batteries run low. Continue reading "GM's 200 MPG+ Fantasy..."