Energy, Stagflation, and the Fed with Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass, Founder and CIO, Hayman Capital Management, joins Melissa Francis, former CNBC, MSNBC, Fox Business, and FOX News anchor, to discuss oil, alternative energy and strategies to navigate a stagflation.

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Melissa Francis
Welcome everyone. Today, we are here to talk about Magnifi by TIFIN, a marketplace where you can harness real-time proprietary data to help individual investors and financial advisors fund, compare, and buy investment products like stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, and model portfolios, to grow and preserve your wealth. I'm Melissa Francis, I know a little bit about this subject matter. I'm a former CNBC, MSNBC, Fox Business, and Fox News anchor. There is probably no more important conversation during these volatile times right now than what drives the economy? Joining us today is hedge fund manager and founder of Hayman Capital Management, Kyle Bass.

Kyle, thank you so much for being here. These are really turbulent times, today alone we have just watched the market seesaw. Everybody was ready to, they were sick to their stomach through the whole weekend, waiting for today, but I'm glad to have you on today, because you've made some really key calls in the past during times like this. You made a great call in subprime, China. You've made a lot of great calls in energy. Overnight, as you know, oil hit a 14 year high. This morning, though, oil was trading off as Germany came out and said they are not prepared yet to halt Russian imports. Oil just got slapped on that, but who knows what's going to happen next? What's your take on all of it? Continue reading "Energy, Stagflation, and the Fed with Kyle Bass"