"One last thing ...thank you, Steve Jobs"

It is so hard, but this is from the heart.

One of my heroes, a genuine American genius has passed away this evening. I am referring to  Steve  Jobs,  who created so much of the technology and innovation that we enjoy and use everyday in our lives.

It was thanks to Steve, that I was able to write my book,  "Right on the Money".  It was thanks to Steve, and the technologies he created and championed, that I was able to make the successful  transition to the digital world.

I'm not sure why I feel so sad, I never met Steve personally, but I felt, I knew him through the technologies he created.  I'm not sure why, surrounded by my iPhone, iPad2 and my MacBook Pro,  all of which  are basically hardware and software, that I miss the heartbeat of Apple. Unless you are an Apple fan, you will not have the same feeling, I have this evening. Thanks to Steve, I feel a connection through the technology he created and believed in.

I feel an enormous loss and void this evening, but I'm not sure how I can explain that to you in words. I was not related to Steve, nor as I said earlier, did I know him personally.  None the less there is a profound sense of loss and sadness that I feel  for Steve and his family,  and the technology world.  Steve passed away at the top of his game, but too early.

I'm sure they're going to be a lot more eloquent tributes to Steve, but this one's from the heart. Thank you Steve, for all that you gave the world. You were the equivalent of a Einstein or a Henry Ford in my mind.  You were a true American maverick, and I will miss,  and forever treasure the technology you created and shared with the rest of the world.

As Steve would say, "One last thing ..."

Thank you,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Cofounder MarketClub.com