Aussie Dollar: A Matter of Timing?

Lior Alkalay - Contributor - Forex

About two weeks ago I shifted the reader's attention to the upcoming rotation back into commodities and the commodities FX play, i.e. the Norwegian Krone and the Aussie Dollar. While I had initially predicted back in May the 2nd, the Norwegian Krone has instead rallied on the back of appetite for Oil and the general lackluster appeal of the dollar. But that was and is still not the case for the Aussie Dollar. It seems that investors in the Aussie dollar are waiting for some cue, some development that has yet to materialize. What is this development and what would be its likely impact?

Aussie Reality Check

Despite the Australian economy being in relatively fair shape and with inflation levels still higher than its western peers, the Reserve Bank of Australia has keep the easing pedal pushed and slashed interest rates. And the basis for the RBA's policy decision? Of course, still tepid data from China and an uptick in Australia's inflation, which together lowered the core inflation in the country to 2.27%. The continued rise in housing prices, especially in the Sydney area, was largely ignored and essentially shrugged off by an RBA undeterred from turning off its accommodative policy. Continue reading "Aussie Dollar: A Matter of Timing?"

FOREX: How to analyze the Australian Dollar (new video)

Today we are going down under to analyze the Australian dollar.

Many traders look at the Australian dollar (AUD) and the Canadian dollar (CAD) as commodity plays. Both countries are rich in natural resources and that seems to be a key element to the recent moves in both of these currencies.

Today we are going to look at the technical aspect of the Australian dollar. This market not only charts very well, but it responds very well to technical signals. In this short video, I will explain in detail my reasoning for wanting to be in this market. I will give you some specific Aussie dollar objectives and also some places to protect capital.

As always, the videos are free to watch and there's no need to register. I would love to get your feedback about this video and your own predictions about this market on our blog.

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