The Big Reset

Hello MarketClub members everywhere. Well, we had the weekend to ponder and recalibrate our thinking towards Great Britain's historic exit from the EU and its effect on world markets.

Personally, I congratulate the British for having the chutzpah to go against conventional thinking. It is not like England is some third world power, they have the 5th largest economy in the world and provide 50% of the EU's military power. History will prove whether or not the Brits got it right by exiting the EU. My gut feeling is any time you can do without faceless bureaucrats running things, you are better off. I'm hard-pressed to point out any outstanding achievements generated by any bureaucracy. Nor can I point to any example of when a bureaucracy has admitted or taken responsibility for major screw-ups. So, I think Great Britain is better off without Brussels and their faceless bureaucracy.

Where does that leave the markets?

MarketClub's Mid-day Market Report

Here is what I am thinking and it is based purely on market reaction. After Friday's 610.4 drop in the DOW, I would not be in a rush to buy stocks. Make no mistake about it, the 3.39% drop was and is a big deal. Continue reading "The Big Reset"