Is The Yield Curve Really Flattening?

There is a lot of talk now about a flattening of the yield curve.  This talk has been among the most intense right here at the website you are reading at this moment.  A flattening curve is commonly viewed as bad for gold, and according to Mark Hulbert, is an indicator of a coming recession.

But is the curve really flattening or is this all hype based on Janet Yellen's press conference comments?  Here is a chart the likes of which we have been using in NFTRH for many months now, the 30 year vs. the 5 year yield.


Here we should lend some perspective.  Okay Beuller, I ask you what is different this time from the last flattening? Continue reading "Is The Yield Curve Really Flattening?"

Let's Twist Again

By Gary Tanashian

The previous post of the same title was put up by a bemused blogger to express the idea that the big brains on the FOMC must think we are a bunch of drooling idiots, we Americans... and we global financial market participants.  Similar sentiments have been expressed on this blog in the past with my personal favorite nugget from popular culture era gone by: Continue reading "Let's Twist Again"