Apple and China Mobile - YES!

One of the stocks I track on regular basis is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and yesterday the market action in that stock was quite remarkable. From the opening bell, there was an unusual amount of buying that continued throughout the day creating the highest volume day in this stock in over 20 days. This is highly unusual just before a holiday when volumes tend to fall off. This is a wake up call and leads to speculation that the insiders know something that is not public knowledge and will be positive for Apple.

I was digging around on the Internet yesterday evening and noticed that next month, December, China Mobile is going to be launching a brand new mobile service. This immediately got me thinking about an iPhone deal. I believe that this deal is going to occur and that will open up Apple to a huge market base of over 750 million people who subscribe to the China Mobile service. Continue reading "Apple and China Mobile - YES!"