4 Steps to Mental Toughness for Short Term Traders

As all MarketClub members know, psychology is a major factor in both investing and short term trading.  Chris Dunn, from the Emini Academy, is a major proponent of developing the proper mental mindset of a professional trader, and this week he’s contributing a helpful post on four steps you can take to have a strong trading mindset.
In my opinion, day trading is top on the list of mentally stimulating professions.  It requires a mental toughness unparalleled by any other business.  For example, the influx of emotions and sensations felt by someone in a short-term trade can bring on fear stronger than that of certain death, or a euphoric sensation as if you just inherited a windfall of profits.

To become a professional trader with the ability to thrive in all market conditions, one must develop understanding and control over their personal psychological strengths and weaknesses.  In this article, we will talk about 4 steps that can help you develop a strong trading psychology and confidence to become a top-level day trader.

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6 Key Components of Winning Trading Strategies

Today's Guest Blogger is Chris Dunn of Emini Academy. Chris and the Academy specialize in identifying high probability trade setups in the fast-paced e-mini S&P futures market. Today Chris is going to share with us his key components in a winning trading strategy.


Over the past 8 years, my team and I have been able to test over 200 different trading strategies and systems in the e-mini, currency, and equity markets.  We've used and abused everything from standard indicators, to fully-automated trading systems.  As a result, we found 6 key components that would repeat themselves in most of the winning strategies.
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