Find Your Sweet Spot - Emini Trading 101

You decided to become a trader. Put some money in an account, got a few indicators, read a couple of old wive's tales on a forum that sounded pretty solid, you're good to go right?

Well... let me ask, "How's that working for you?"

You don't need to answer, it was rhetorical. Besides, I  know the answer.

I interviewed Max Lucado back in the early days of CFRN. He had just published his umpteenth book -

Let me tell you, I was as excited as any cub reporter has ever been. This guy was my hero. I read his books as fast as he could write them and to actually meet him after all this time...... you would have thought he was Jesus.

Silly excited. Jimmy Olson-itis is what I had.

Turns out, guy couldn't even fly. Couldn't fly? He didn't even have a cape.

Shucks, this guy was offering the Cure For The Common Life and it was starting to sound like his life was more common than most.

Lesson #1 - Never meet your hero in person.

Lesson #2 - Find your sweet spot.

You see, aside from my personal misguided hero complex, Max had done it again. Here's a brief overview of the book if you haven't read it.  Continue reading "Find Your Sweet Spot - Emini Trading 101"

6 Key Components of Winning Trading Strategies

Today's Guest Blogger is Chris Dunn of Emini Academy. Chris and the Academy specialize in identifying high probability trade setups in the fast-paced e-mini S&P futures market. Today Chris is going to share with us his key components in a winning trading strategy.


Over the past 8 years, my team and I have been able to test over 200 different trading strategies and systems in the e-mini, currency, and equity markets.  We've used and abused everything from standard indicators, to fully-automated trading systems.  As a result, we found 6 key components that would repeat themselves in most of the winning strategies.
Continue reading "6 Key Components of Winning Trading Strategies"

What a great way to end the month

It's Friday, and it's the end of the month... what a month it has been. Huge moves in crude oil, gold, stocks and other markets have put a lot of money into trader's pockets during the month of May.

As a reader of this blog, you know how we stress the importance of education and learning how the markets really work. That is why I am truly excited to share with you these new educational trading videos from my former exchange that is now called the CME Group.

You won't want to miss these daily updates and analysis of the major markets.

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub