Has The Rally Just Begun... In China?

Today I'd like everyone to welcome back Ben Brinneman from CSquaredTrading.com. Today Ben is going to dive into China and also touch a bit on a strategy he uses that has been very successful for him. Please read and enjoy the article, and feel free to give him your comments and questions!


It’s obvious the U.S. stock markets have been rallying in a big way since March, and tons of people think they have missed the 50% - 60% rally. They get frustrated, and it’s the talk of the town, but we have seen a new sort of rally occurring. While the former is true of the U.S. rally, if you take a closer look at an emerging market and their equities, you will find that China is king! I hate to say that, but their recent performance numbers prove it. I watch a handful of companies in CHINA ever since they listed on the Nasdaq, as well as several other exchanges here in the U.S., such as ADRs (American Depository Receipts). Every single one of these companies has been doing fantastic, but it seems that people are timid when it comes to investing with them, perhaps due to the government being communist. One of the hottest topics on CNBC lately has been China, so many investors are going to be turning a watchful eye to some Chinese businesses and other places overseas as well. Once American investors start feeling a little less gun-shy, we could start seeing some significant upward moves.

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