Important Technical Indicators For Trading Binary Options

Vinz de la Fuente - Contributor - Binary Options

Trading Accordingly

Binary Trading could be simple to trade, but the difficulty comes up with how you will win your trade by knowing which direction you will choose. Traders can actually have a higher chance of winning every trade by simply knowing and applying some technical indicators whenever they trade in the market. Technical indicators can help identify price patterns and historical market behavior on market charts. Most of the traders are plainly looking at the wider trends in the market and then they will trade according to the direction of the trends, but sometimes success in using this is not assured.

The Technical Indicators

The technical indicators listed below are used widely in the market and have proven to be effective in some traders perspective. However, there is no 100% guarantee that it will be effective in every trading activity and it also has time-frame factors to be considered. Continue reading "Important Technical Indicators For Trading Binary Options"

Recent Insider Buying Could Be A Clue This Stock Is About To Take Off

Daniel Cross - Contributor - Equities

When directors of a company start buying shares, it's a sign to investors that they think the stock is about to go up. That's because they usually have knowledge in excess of Wall Street professionals that isn't ubiquitously known. For investors, it's a sign that the stock could be ready for a break out.

Insider selling could be due to any number of reasons, but insider buying can only be attributed to a positive outlook by management. In the last three months, this stock has seen 35 open market buys for a total of 468,358 shares and in the last six months, there have been 113 buys for 528,361 shares.

A stock that's down, but not out

Terex Corporation (TEX) is a $3 billion farm and construction machinery manufacturer with operations around the globe. The company posted a first quarter loss of $0.02 per share on April 29th – far short of the expected gain of $0.18 per share by analysts covering the stock. Revenues fell 9.6% year-over-year as well. The miss added to the stocks disappointing performance with a total drop of 30% in the past year. However, there are reasons investors should take a second look. Continue reading "Recent Insider Buying Could Be A Clue This Stock Is About To Take Off"

Advanced Technical Indicators - Bollinger Bands

If you follow our blog, then you are definitely familiar with trader Larry Levin, President of Trading Advantage LLC. We have gotten such a great response from some of his past posts that he has agreed to share one more of his favorite trading tips as a special treat to our viewers. Determining the direction of the market can be tricky and just plain confusing at times, but Larry’s expert opinion keeps it simple.

If you like this article, Larry’s also agreed to give you free access to his weekly trading tip.

Let's take another look at a more advanced technical tool - Bollinger Bands. These were developed by John Bollinger in the 1980s. In simple terms, they use a simple moving average and standard deviations to give a different perspective on potential highs and lows.

Bollinger Bands have a middle band and two outer bands.

The middle band shown on this indicator is a moving average, usually a simple moving average (see Tip #29 for more on those) although some traders do use the exponential moving averages. The standard deviation calculations for the outside bands can be calculated like this example: Continue reading "Advanced Technical Indicators - Bollinger Bands"

Reversion To The …. Blown Account

The markets have been trending nicely of late and one could argue it has been since the beginning of the year. For those who aspire to use the most over-hyped phrase in trading, ‘the trend is your friend’, the markets have provided some interesting trading opportunities, even if you couldn’t catch them all.

On the other hand, different trading styles are having a tough time of late. Strategies using a ‘reversion to the mean’ concept can at times be like trying to catch a falling knife.  Day traders using tools such as Bollinger bands, keltner channels and even some market profile concepts are finding winning trades to be a tough go. These methodologies that some diehards claim to be an ATM machine during summer doldrums or December holidays are finding it frustrating of late and landing continuous stop-losses due to a failure of price to reverse.

The challenge I see when mentoring traders is their inability to identify the type of market as well as  adjust their trading style when they do recognize them. Traders tend to be loyal to their strategies; just like a dog to their master. Why not? These methodologies have proven beneficial to them over time. Continue reading "Reversion To The …. Blown Account"

How To Be A Trader - Part 3

Today’s guest is Markus Heitkoetter, CEO of Rockwell Trading and author of “The Complete Guide to Day Trading.”  Today Markus is going to share with you Part 1 in a series of articles on what he believes it takes to be a trader. We already talked about it in the previous article: Being able to determine the direction of  the market is one of the most important skills of a trader, because it dictates the type you trading strategy you use. In a trending market, you want to use a trend-following strategy. And in a sideways market, you want to use a trend-fading strategy. For more information on this topic please read the previous article "How To Be A Trader - Part 2"

How To Identify The Direction of The Market

Way back in the 90s I used fundamental analysis to try and predict the market. Long story short, it didn't work for me. Continue reading "How To Be A Trader - Part 3"