Predictions DO pay off!

Bernanke’s speech was a huge news story, and talk of QE2 ending / QE3 possibilities is going to be an even bigger spring story. So, we decided to get in on the fun, and think you should too! Guess what you think the exact number of the Dow (DJI) or Dollar (DX) value will be on the close of June 30, and the winner receives….

100 Trillion Dollars! (well, some sort of 'dollars', and a place in history.)

Email your prediction (yes PREDICTION…ONE guess per person) to [email protected] by June 1st (11:59 5/31/11). Simply posting your predictions in the comments section (while entertaining and appreciated) will not count as entering your vote. Plus, do you really want to give everyone access to your brilliant oracle insight?!

The most accurate guesses for the DJI and DX will win an Android Tablet so you can take MarketClub with you wherever you go. Follow your trades and make some “real” money with MarketClub.

We will announce who has won the title of The Smartest Man/Woman of the Universe on July 1st!

The MarketClub Team