How Coaching Solves Real Traders' Problems

Earlier this week we got a great response from our members to Bill Poulos' Guest Blog post on his "Free Trade Strategy". So well, that he got a number of emails asking some pretty heavy questions regarding coaching after they attended his webinar. He emailed me and asked if he could answer some questions and teach a bit more and here he is. As always, comment below and check out the replay of his webinar right here.


Hi everybody, this is Bill Poulos and I want to thank you for reading last week’s entry on my Free Trade Strategy and it’s importance in eliminating risk in any trade, especially in the forex markets.

Today, I’m going to talk about three things: two problems most traders face in trading (and access to simple fixes for these problems) and the new era of coaching in the trading education market. Continue reading "How Coaching Solves Real Traders' Problems"