The Free Trade Strategy

Trader's Blog would like to welcome back Bill Poulos from Whenever I ask Bill to come and teach, he always delivers. This time is no different with his article on the free trade strategy. Please take time today to read the article, comment below, and also if you'd like to learn more from Bill check out his “Forex Smart Start Profit Strategies Session” webinar here.

Trading the Forex markets is risky business, make no mistake about it.  As a trader, if you do not pay attention to risk first and foremost, you will lose, plain and simple.  There are at least two key aspects to managing risk.  One is the placement of stops and the management of the trade as it unfolds, and the other is the position size of the trade relative to the trader's account size.  If either one of those is not handled properly, the trader will lose in the end.

The good news is that both can be managed to the trader’s advantage resulting in minimizing losses and providing the opportunity for great profits.

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